Hero Project (RX-20- The Massive Unleashed)

Still remember one of the Most Popular Scarlet? Its confirm By official
Sorry Everyone i Have Missed Heroes in hh in many Months But Dont Worry I will Comeback as Community Hero Maker and etc Makes sure Viewer will grateful
now as comeback make some Experience will better
Introducing The Unleashed Robot RX-20
Codename: Rage
Name: Rx-20
Faction: Uaf
line: Midline
Weapon: Assault Rifle
Class: Blue

i got inspiration this robot can Rivals Aganist Heckler And Anvil

Zero Day Has Arrived, Klg Has strikes Back in The USA. Colonel Wesson had a idea to stop this Hordes of Enemy. now He tells to Scarlet to Make A massive robot to called Project Rage. This Robot Contains Iron Metal with Plate to gets Extra Durability

basiclly This Hero Combines Halo,Heckler,Carabina, Baron And Nightinggale

Bronze, Intelegence Mind: Hero can be Auto Aim and gets Infrilate and gains power
Silver, Reveal : If enemy using Cloaked, Trap, and etc Hero Can Know using Grenade Silence to ReSpread all and silence
Gold: Retough: Same bronze including Health gains and little Battle Cry
Platinum: The Unleashed: This faction Using Damage ammo such as dtm to bledding enemy
Ruby: Reconing upon us: This Hero Has Massive damage at Bronze Skills including increase Health for Team Hero

I using A massive weapon Called The Greaver inspiration aug A3 but include Hollow Bullet, Laser Sight and Iron Scope
Name: The Greaver
Fire Rate: 75/100
Ammo: 30
Accuracy: 50
Damage: 60
Reference on the Website

Plot: After Scarlet Made it she sends to Uaf Headquarter To Joinned As The First Robot Solider btw This robot Approves in Zero Day War

A bit confusion about ruby skill…i guess you’re hero is an attscker… So, he should get dps buff in ruby as per my current knowledge about rubies.

ok I revisied as i can

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