Hero Project (Secaria- Modern Destroyer)

This Story Continues Between Scarlet and June
different is About zero day strikes in the Highway Bridge Between Los Angeles and California

Name: Peggy Secaria Sinclair
Faction: Shoreman
Class: Blue
Line: Midline
Weapon: Battle Rifle

I saw on internet (before zero day) that means like Klg Operator such as Elite Rifleman and Striker.But She Steals Armor in Klg Headquaters since she was An Agent
Born in Detroit, a CIA agent and Scarlet Friends (One Classmate Senior High School)who was joined in Mills Dockyard contains Shoreman Troops When she was escape from KLG Headquarters.
June: Ouch My head (she stunning by Klg confusion grenade)
Scarlet: Hold on Sis. i have a friends just Calm down (She calls with Radio Support)
Phalanx: We can’t hold on! they still front of us!
Secaria: Im Coming My friends (She brings with Cast,Keel and Fischer)
Scarlet: Can you help me to escort my sister to Mercenaries HQ? I will Handle it
Secaria: Okie, Friends ( She using Thermite Grenade and Blue Strike To Wipe Out Klg Tropps)
Secaria: Guys, Escort Her to Mercenaries HQ
Cast,Fischer: Roger That
Cast: Stay Away from Trouble Knucle Head!
She is Politely She never Complains She always take harder Mission


This Weapon Combine Magby Gun meets Scar-h.Don’t Worry i would easy. INTRODUCING: Drowner Apex
Name: Drowner Apex
Class: Battle Rifle
Ammo: 25
Damage: 60
Accuracy: 55

Bronze, FireStorm: This hero using Thermal Grenade to gets enemy Fire and Cannot Moves
Silver, LandFire: This hero Using Hordes Strike To Gets Enemy Fire, Reduce Sprint enemy, Targeted Enemy (Base Of the Line)
Gold: Relong like Hell: Bronze Skills including long duration Fire and increase Damage
Platinum: Destiny Fight: Starter Hero Gains Defensive,Increase Damage And Health
Ruby: Streak Down: Silver Skills including Increase Health and Less enemy buff and skills ( After This hero Shoot Enemy)
This Hero Combine Oracle,Scum,Elite Rifleman And Ryker

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