Hero skill suggestion - Holograms

I thought this skill might be help to create more challenging to this game.

A hero or heroes whose skills can create a hologram, yes, just like min and halloway.

But here’s what it makes different…

i have 3 different skills can be used to different heroes:

  1. Mimic Cry
    Each time this hero kills an opponent, he creates an hologram of the opponent he killed.
    (can be useful for crowd control)

  2. Back-up Time
    This skill creates duplicates of an ally whose health is lower than 50%. This hologram can also use hero’s silver skill only.
    (just like Mins ability yet applies to all allies)

  3. Immortal Soul
    This skill forms an immortal hero. This hologram can shoot but can deal very low damage and cant be killed. This hologram can only be killed if the creator dies.
    (can be annoying if AI focuses on it)

What do you think guys??? Crazy or bad idea??? :sweat_smile:

I like it the bronze skill will have to be capped at 2 though. It’s highly unlikely that a hero with those exact skills would be created. It makes pvp unfair as it already is for some. Gold Skill hologram damage can deal like 10% of Creator damage with a 5% chance to deal max double damage to a random enemy, meaning instead of dealing say 45k from hero the hologram damages a random hero with 90k damage…