Hero Spotlight: Altera


Altera dedicated her life to advancing human regenerative abilities, from repairing damaged tissues and organs to reversing the aging process. She achieved a significant breakthrough when her experimental treatments showed promise on animals, leading to authorization for trials on human volunteers. Despite initial results, they fell short of her expectations. Using her own blood as a testing source she started to improve the formula, striving to refine the formula to bridge the gaps, convinced that success was within reach. She was sure she was close - just a step away from it.

However, everything changed on Day Zero, a cataclysmic event that shook the world. Tragically, her husband suffered mortal injuries during the events of the apocalypse, Altera retreated into her laboratory with him where she desperately administered her remedy, only to witness its ineffectiveness. Her husband passed away in her arms, his final moments spent with her. Devastated by his loss, she resolved to continue her research in his memory, driven by the desire to spare others from the pain of untimely departures.She remained in her laboratory alongside a few other surviving scientist colleagues where she continued her work to approve her formula, continually experimenting with her blood.

As the world slowly stabilized in the wake of the crisis, most of Altera’s colleagues scattered across the country in search of their families. Only a few remained, including her sister Dalia, who served as the head of lab security before the end days. Dalia provided Altera and the rest of the team with prototype armors, weapons, and invaluable guidance on how to protect themselves.

During this time, Altera’s research on her remedy made significant strides. Yet, a few key ingredients remained elusive. In her pursuit, she ventured on scavenging expeditions alongside her sister, scouring nearby labs, shops, and research centers. Each day brought them closer to her goal, but their fortune took a turn when they crossed paths with a group of raiders.

With Dalia’s assistance, they narrowly escaped, but not without a heavy toll on Altera, who suffered a mortal wound and had mere minutes left to live. Time was rapidly slipping away, and her unfinished formula was her last glimmer of hope. Under Dalia’s care, Altera experienced a miraculous turn of events; the formula inexplicably began to work. She stabilized, and her wound visibly started to heal. She was left in bewildered astonishment, pondering why it was effective for her but not for others.

As time passed, Altera noticed further unusual changes. Her formula exhibited unexpected side effects; not only did it completely heal her after sufficient rest, but it also left her devoid of any scar tissue. Moreover, she appeared to undergo a reverse aging process, a remarkable transformation she had never anticipated. Upon scrutinizing her cells under a microscope, she confirmed her observations. Additionally, she acquired an unprecedented level of resilience, further deepening the mysteries surrounding her formula.

Attempts to apply the formula to her colleagues yielded no remarkable results, save for her sister, Dalia, who exhibited exceptional responses… One thing was clear: she needed more equipment to make the formula accessible to everyone. Untrusting of the emerging factions, she adopted the life of a mercenary to move freely, accumulate resources, and gather information.

Soon, a group of scavenging traders enlisted her as their protector, divulging their mission to unearth a hidden military bunker filled with technology and equipment. However, they omitted critical details about the bunker’s inhabitants. Armed with a meticulous plan, they infiltrated the facility under the cover of darkness, raiding the storage. Yet, they were caught off guard by the facility’s residents, sparking a chaotic confrontation.

During the intense skirmish, a stray bullet found its way into a crate filled with explosives, triggering a colossal explosion that claimed the lives of all but Altera. Her experimental formula miraculously extended her life, preventing instant death. However, she remained trapped beneath the wreckage caused by the blast, her fate hanging in the balance.

As her blood seeped into the ground, Altera noticed something extraordinary through the debris: the stolen crates contained a mysterious, luminous substance, as if it pulsed with an energetic flow. Curiosity compelled her to extract a small fragment for closer examination. To her amazement, a white, radiant energy materialized within. Then, the unexpected occurred; her flowing blood met the substance, and the energy stored within discharged in a yellowish, electric-like glow, as though it served as a conduit. It swiftly reached her wound and entered her, as if she were absorbing its energy.

A newfound, unimaginable strength coursed through her body, and her wound began to heal at an unnatural pace. With this newfound vigor, she managed to free herself from the wreckage. This revelation infused her with fresh ideas and a strengthened determination to harness this newfound power and complete her formula.

From that point onward, her mercenary journey continued, with Altera scouring the world for more Purified Heronium to realize her formula’s full potential.

Faction: Mercenary

Element: Astral

Weapon: Assault Rifle

Altera is the newest 5-star Hero to join the battle!



Ethereal Surge
(Bronze Skill - Active Ability)

Altera applies a stack of [Ethereal Surge] to a few enemies.

Enemies afflicted by it are Heal Blocked and for every stack of [Ethereal Surge] they take an additional percentage of Damage from all sources for a few seconds. [Ethereal Surge] can stack up a few times and the additional damage that enemies receive from it ignores the base damage reduction that regular shields apply.

Additionally, when this ability is cast, Altera’s weapon deals additional Astral Damage with each shot for a few seconds.


(Silver Skill - Active Ability)

Altera Taunts all enemies for a few seconds.

While the Taunt is active, she reduces all sources of Damage she receives by a set percentage, heals herself every second, and continuously cleanses all negative effects that are applied on her during the duration.
This ability cooldown doesn’t charge while it is active.


Sentinel’s Retribution
(Gold Skill - Passive Ability)

Altera begins each match with additional Health and [Sentinel’s Retribution] which reflects a set percentage of all sources of damage back towards her attackers. If [Sentinel] is active, she reflects a set percentage more damage instead.

Additionally, each time a shield of an allied member or her own breaks, she reduces her cooldowns of [Ethereal Surge] by a set percentage and [Sentinel] by a set percentage.


Astral Ward
(Platinum Skill - Passive Ability)

Each time an enemy receives Heal Block, or any other healing reduction negative effect, a few allies with the lowest current health will receive shields and will be healed.

The shields last for a few seconds or until destroyed. The bonus doesn’t stack but the shield and the duration are refreshed.


(Ruby Skill - Passive Ability)

The hero starts the match with a shield that can absorb damage for a few seconds.

Additionally, all allied heroes are immune to all crowd control effects for the first few seconds of the match and have bonus armor throughout the match.

How can I get Altera?

Altera will be obtainable through crates and co-op Raids!


Really solid looking hero that will definitely have some good use! Loved the lore and like the character design a ton! I’m assuming she will be a frontline hero given the ruby ability? Can’t wait to pick her up, even if there’s a lack of availability for stars.

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Why release new heros when you cant even fix vip chat or other game issues

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They’re still attempting to fix vip chat, and while they don’t know what the exact problem with it is or how to fix it, they do know how to add new heroes and keep the content flowing. New heroes and updates are significantly more important than a in-game chat, however it’s not to say that it doesn’t matter. Them showing off upcoming heroes isn’t saying they don’t want to fix what isn’t working currently.
Just enjoy the game for now and the fact we’re getting more content soon, like with this cool new hero and a upcoming update. At least the game ain’t down still haha.
Edit; it seems to be back!


Interesting… Sounds like we might be meeting her soon!


I am really liking the look of this particular hero, I may have to try to snag her when she is released!