Hero Spotlight: Aurora


Aurora was the Lead scientist of the largest and most powerful research and development laboratory for nanobot technologies in the world. Because of a few break-ins and hacking attempts in the past, it was decided that the best course of action would be to move their work to a secret underground facility - a fully self-sufficient bunker.

At first, the bunker’s turret security was deactivated and only a fence and living force were used to steer the commoners away - not that anyone could ever make their way in without a right validation on the vault door, but as an extra precaution, an additional measure was taken - a pass with a DNA scan.

When Day Zero happened no one in the vault understood as they were completely disconnected from the world outside, it was later - when their regular supplies didn’t arrive on time, that they suspected something was wrong. Faced with the new reality some left in search of their families but those who had nothing to look after stayed - as well as Aurora. Neither she, nor her husband had any close relatives or friends outside of the bunker.

Since the situation had changed they activated the turret system and sent some armed robots to scavenge the nearby labs and shops, and to collect information regarding the situation outside. As they did observe minimum human activity, they used the opportunity and started field tests above ground.

Little they did expect, but on one of their ventures, there they were attacked by a severe group of raiders. Well organized, the attackers gave a hard time to the security robots and managed to wound many. Getting away from death only thanks to the nanobots in her body, Aurora seized the opportunity and analyzed all the data she gathered from that unpleasant situation.

It was only she who had nanobots as she wanted to be sure that they were working correctly and any mistake would affect only her. Despite that, the information was more than enough to allow her to upgrade their healing capabilities so they would be able to repair even more severe damage.

Not willing to risk anything again, they reduced their on-field tests, changed their schedule, and scanned the area every time before getting out. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to prevent the second attack and in the end even more were hurt and some died. Yet again Aurora survived only thanks to the nanobots.

At this point, she didn’t believe that the attacks were a coincidence so she sent a few men to search for clues. The results were unpleasant but not unexpected. A note was found in one of the raiders’ bodies containing all that was needed for an attack, including the target’s name - Aurora.

She didn’t waste a second and made her way into the vault security room. It took a while but she managed to find what she was looking for.

Shocked by the discovery, she confronted one of the few she thought of as a close friend. After a short summit meeting, a punishment was decided - a frozen capsule. True enough - once defrosted the person would think only a second had passed but banishing could lead to greater disasters and their bunker wasn’t supposed to have a prison.

Getting the threat out of the way, she seized the opportunity and improved the nanobots even further but shared that with just a few selected. Soon enough she was able to replace or improve parts of her own body. One change led to another and in the end, nothing was left of her former self. In order to keep her humanity, and curious about the potential of Purified Heronium, Aurora modified the nanobots and included it into her system.

Impressed with the results, she spent a lot of time testing her new capabilities and experimenting with the results.

One day, on her way to the ground, she saw a mess in some of their upper levels and rooms. As everyone denied their participation in it she was forced to seek answers from the security records. Little had she expected but an outsider had made his way in and out. Not sure why the turrets or the door failed she checked the scanning records only to figure out that the boy she once thought was lost forever - was alive.

Leaving her husband in charge of the lab she took the road to the city hoping to find and bring her son with her. It wasn’t a long search as when she got closer she picked up a signal that his nanobots emitted. Unfortunately, her boy wasn’t as excited about their meeting as she was.

Angry and disappointed, he refused to go with a mother he knew nothing about or to leave his faction and friends. Feeling as if she had no other choice, Aurora joined the Morlocks so she could stay near and fix things between them.

Faction: Morlocks

Element: Astral

Weapon: Special

Aurora is the newest 5-star Hero to join the battle!



(Bronze Skill - Active Ability)

Aurora uses the power of nanobots to create a clone of herself. Each clone has a set amount of Health, deals a set amount of Damage per Second and Elemental Damage per Second.

Only a few clones can be active at a time.


(Silver Skill - Active Ability)

Aurora marks a few random allies with [Backfire].

While [Backfire] is active on an ally, all damage against them is reduced for a few seconds.
Once the effect is over all allies with [Backfire] are Healed and part of the neglected damage is dealt to all enemies up to a maximum amount per enemy.


Toughen up
(Gold Skill - Passive Ability)

Whenever a cover breaks all allies are Healed Per Second for a few seconds. The effect stacks but the duration is not refreshed.

Additionally, Aurora’s basic attacks deal a bonus Elemental Damage. If one of her clones or Marcus is present, they also gain this bonus.


(Platinum Skill - Passive Ability)

All damage done by Aurora, her clones and Marcus is healing the ally with the lowest health for a percentage of the damage done (different percentage for Marcus). This effect can be triggered once every few seconds (different amount of seconds for Marcus).

Additionally if [Backfire] is active on one of Aurora’s clones they will deal more damage and their attack speed will be increased.

Aurora receives additional Health at the start of each match. If Marcus is present, he will also gain this bonus.


(Ruby Skill - Passive Ability)

Knowing is half the battle, allowing this Heroes’ skills to start with a set percentage charge. This Hero also gains an additional Armor bonus and a percentage chance to Evade basic attacks.

How can I get Aurora?

Aurora will be obtainable through crates and co-op Raids!


Didnt know yall managed to convince William Dafoe to come here


What’s the connection between Aurora and Marcus?
Relatives? Spouse? Siblings?



Aurora is Marcus’s mother. His name is not directly mentioned in the lore, but the connection is stated.


Why not do the new characters with the help of a skilled person to avoid making unmotivated and dump Penocchios.

I’d want Willem Dafoe on my team, fr. He’ll become Willem Dafriend.


Another new hero lol when we ever gonne get sapphire or the othe heroes available this is just away to prevent us from making our current heroes stronger we always gonne be focused on making new heroes stronger

The writing to these back stories just keeps getting better all the time. I think it would have been helpful to be explicit about the fact it was Marcus she was reuniting with, thank you for jumping in on the comments section for clarity. I loved how the story took us to a place of motherly action in the midst of war.

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My man doesn’t have heronium :sob::skull: