Hero Spotlight: Lwa


Lwa grew up in a family deeply connected to the ancient practices of spirits and hexes. Though she never fully embraced these beliefs, Lwa possessed a compassionate heart and always strived to bring happiness to others, so despite her skepticism, she dutifully followed her family’s traditions.

During the cataclysmic event known as Day Zero, Lwa’s entire family miraculously survived. They joined a small group dedicated to rebuilding and witnessed their modest settlements transform into a flourishing post-apocalyptic city. Over time, Lwa met and fell in love with a man who stood in stark contrast to her family’s beliefs—a man of science. They married, started a family, and Lwa gradually distanced herself from her ancestral traditions.

Instead, she focused on serving her community by volunteering for any available task. Meanwhile, her husband worked for an individual named Keir and his team, conducting groundbreaking experiments with a newly discovered element called "Heronium’’ to defend against a rival faction.

On their anniversary, as a heartfelt token of affection, Lwa’s husband bestowed upon her a captivating earring embellished with an exquisite amethyst-like substance. With genuine excitement, he shared the origins of the stone, revealing that it derived from a groundbreaking experiment that awakened the latent powers of heronium, transforming its original green hue into a captivating shade of purple. Reassuring her of its absolute harmlessness to humans, this precious gift symbolized their enduring love in the midst of a world fraught with challenges, reminding Lwa of the beauty that could still be found amidst adversity.

Despite living in a post-apocalyptic world, Lwa had everything a young woman could hope for.

However, soon after tragedy struck while Lwa was out on patrol. An experiment conducted by her husband’s unit resulted in a catastrophic explosion that obliterated their city. Hearing the sound of destruction, reminiscent of Day Zero, Lwa hurried back only to find her beloved city reduced to ruins.

In shock, she ventured into the wreckage, desperately searching for her family. Day after day, she tirelessly scoured the debris, until the painful truth revealed itself—they had all perished, crushed under the weight of the rubble.

Overwhelmed by despair and driven to the brink of madness by the shock and unwavering desire to bring her loved ones back, Lwa felt that her family believes and connection to spirits is the only hope that she had to reverse what had happened. She needed a miracle.

Without hesitation, she turned to the forbidden and darker rituals that her family had always feared, hoping to resurrect them. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, as she delved into the depths of her spiritual knowledge. With each passing day, her sanity waned further and further as grief gnawed at her mind. She performed intricate rituals, whispered ancient incantations but all her efforts proved fruitless.

Submerged in despair, Lwa recalled her husband’s words about the peculiar stone on her gifted earring. In a final act of desperation, she decided to incorporate it into her rituals, hoping it would provide the power to fulfill her heart’s desperate yearning. As she persisted in her rituals day in and day out, the substance on her earring grew increasingly darker, tainted by her overwhelming despair, reflecting the darkness within her. Meanwhile, Lwa’s sanity weakened, teetering on the edge of insanity. To her astonishment, she discovered a peculiar correlation between the intensity of her negative emotions and the potency of her rituals. Failed attempts now started yielded slight but tangible results. It seemed that the more desperate she felt, the stronger the outcomes became.

Realizing this connection, she harnessed her escalating desperation, channeling pain, starvation, grief, insanity, and every form of negative emotion into her rituals, fueling the strength of the object.

Each passing day witnessed a profound transformation within her, eroding the compassionate young girl she had once been. Driven by an unyielding determination, she shed her former self and embraced a newfound resolve to do anything necessary to achieve her singular goal of resurrecting her beloved family.

Through this process, the strange substance granted Lwa the power to manipulate reality, allowing her to bend the very fabric of the world. Drawing upon the powers of the purple Heronium, she infused it with her amplified emotions, making it darker and more potent than ever before. However, her power had limits—she could only postpone the decay of her family’s corpses but not fully resurrect them. Undeterred by the consequences, Lwa grew increasingly fanatical, forsaking her morals in her relentless pursuit of resurrection. She ventured into the desolate wasteland, seeking ancient texts, forbidden artifacts, and any source of power that could aid her in granting her wish. Her actions grew darker and more twisted over time, as she no longer hesitated to harm others physically or spiritually in her desperate quest for knowledge and power. The benevolent woman she once was, became feared, seen as a dangerous entity corrupted by grief and the malevolent forces she had embraced.

Yet, buried deep within the darkness, a flicker of the Lwa they once knew still remained. She clung to the hope that one day she would find redemption. Until then, she continued to walk a treacherous path, haunted by the consequences of her actions and the diminishing chances of truly reuniting with her family.

Faction: Morlocks

Element: Void

Weapon: Staff/Sniper Rifle

Lwa is the newest 5-star Hero to join the battle!



Hex of Decay
(Bronze Skill - Active Ability)

Unleash an area of void energy for a duration of seconds, dealing Elemental Damage per second to enemies inside it and inflicting them with [Hex Of Decay] for a duration of seconds. All healing received by hexed enemies is nullified and instead transferred towards Lwa’s lowest health ally.

[Hex Of Decay] is un-cleansable and contagious, enemies that get near a hexed hero will receive it as well but it cannot reapply to the same enemy for a set duration of seconds. If a hexed enemy dies, a new hex is applied to an unaffected enemy. Once the area of void energy runs out, it heals 2 allies with the lowest health for the overall damage done by the ability.


Veil of Reanimation
(Silver Skill - Active Ability)

Unleash a rejuvenating void mist towards all allied heroes. The mist causes all allies to restore an amount of Health per second for a duration of seconds.

Additionally, this ability reanimates the corpses of 2 dead allies. Reanimated allies are revived with a set amount of health have a set amount of percentage reduced total health, cannot cast any skill and do a set percentage of reduced damage. Reanimated allies can benefit from buffs and if they die, they cannot be reanimated or revived again.


Soul Siphon
(Gold Skill - Passive Ability)

For each active [Hex Of Decay] on the battlefield, Lwa receives a stack of [Soul Siphon] which grants her set percentage increased Attack Damage, set percentage increased Fire Rate, set percentage increased Movement speed, set percentage Dodge chance, and set percentage additional health from all healing abilities. This can stack up to 5 stacks and dynamically changes based on the current number of active [Hex Of Decay].

Additionally, the first time Lwa takes lethal damage, she kills all reanimated allies and heals herself for a set amount of health per killed reanimated ally instead. If no reanimated allies are on the battlefield, this does not trigger.


Hex of Transfusion
(Platinum Skill - Passive Ability)

Every time [Veil Of Reanimation] is cast, Lwa shares a copy of all active positive buffs on her towards 4 allies. If she transfers [Soul Siphon] to her allies it will remain on them for a duration of seconds.

Additionally, [Veil Of Reanimation] now puts on 1 stack of [Hex of Transfusion] on allies which protects them from 1 cleansable negative effect by consuming 1 stack of it and immediately removing the negative effect. [Hex of Transfusion] can stack up to a set amount of times and will trigger on un-cleansable negative effects without removing them.

Furthermore, this ability Increases the total health of reanimated allies by a set amount of Health


(Ruby Skill - Passive Ability)

Knowing is half the battle, allowing this Hero’s skills to start 100% charged. This Hero also gains an X Armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to Evade basic attacks.

How can I get Lwa?

Lwa will be available through crates and Co-Op raids!


Looking awesome, I hope , she will be unlock with free tokens becoz about 3500 gold used on unlocking mythic skin so low in gold :joy::joy::joy::joy:


How do you pronounce that?


Le- wæah probably i think it might be


Our design team said “Loa” is the intended pronunciation :v:


next time they came up w a strange name, slap 'em


Slap them now, they learn faster that way

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I know it is minor to most of you, but, are we going to talk about Lwa’s hair moves with physics?

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Can’t wait to use her with Ifrit, gonna make the Witch Doctor duo with them