Hero Spotlight: Bhaltair


Taking after his father, Bhaltair joined the military and in a few short years (including a war) he rose to a sergeant. His troop was often sent out on missions all of which were a success. He was the only commander that didn’t have even one lost person during his career and every one of the soldiers wanted to be under his leadership. Missions that other commanders usually refused because of the risks - he finished successfully. Refusing the comfortable office positions that were offered to him he loved to stay on field.

Unexpectedly, one day the tables turned. The one that started as a regular mission turned into a nightmare. Even by choosing the safest path and checking every step in front, he couldn’t predict that the enemy had a remote explosion detonation system. In an instant his squad was eliminated.

Dizzy but mostly unharmed, he was the only one alive. Without a chance to even move, he found himself surrounded by enemies. He fought bravely and took a few down but at the end he was captured and was taken into their camp. They tortured him so mercilessly that he felt as if time had stopped. Days became weeks, weeks became months and it felt like there would be no end to it. His attempts to escape failed every time and they were the beginning of an even worse time than the one before.

Not having an idea how much time had passed, one day he found himself on a plane. Thinking that this is a good opportunity for him to escape, he instead hit yet another dead end.

When Day Zero hit he finally got his chance and set himself free. Having a loose security because of the calamity he took his leave leaving a path with corpses behind him. With a note from his transfer papers in his pocket, and a code name of the one who ordered his troop extermination, he began his search. Avoiding the cities and despising their conflicts he gathered a small group and made his camp into the wild. He took every opportunity to find his target but at the end it was all without success. Forced to take some questionable jobs, it wasn’t long before his group became one of the most feared in the region.

Some time had passed when one day his boys came with an unexpected present - a brother that he thought he would never see again. Reunited, they joined forces. Bhaltair needed to take care of a certain someone while his brother was collecting information. Unexpectedly his target was more resilient than he imagined and her security - tight. The assassination failed as a robot is not easily defeated as a man. More surprisingly he failed not once but twice. Running out of options he took his brother’s second plan into action. Included into the security protocols, he stormed the targeted place and eliminated everyone but the target, which was nowhere to be found. Seeing that his brother was captured he set him free and collected the intel.

Getting his hands on the required information he took on an undercover mission into the city joining the KLG and making his way into their ranks. Getting close with his new comrades soon he found the name of the one he was looking for. Fortunately the man was still alive. Planning and waiting he started to look for an opportunity to take his revenge. And he was sure that he would get it as it was just a matter of time.

Faction: KLG Black Ops

Element: Biochem

Weapon: Assault Rifle

Bhaltair is the newest 5-star Hero to join the battle!


Total Protection
(Bronze Skill - Active Ability)

Bhaltair targets a specific number of the lowest total health allies (including himself) and puts [Total Protection] on them.

[Total Protection] gives the allies a Shield that absorbs up to a specific amount of damage and heals them for a percentage of the damage the Shield is receiving.

All normal attacks to the Health of the allies that have a shield from [Total Protection] will reflect a percentage of the] damage.

The shield lasts for some seconds or until destroyed.


Self Preservation
(Silver Skill - Active Ability)

Bhaltair targets a specific number of the lowest total health allies (including himself) and puts [Self Preservation] on them.

All normal attacks made by an ally with [Self Preservation] are healing the ally for a set percentage of the damage.

The buff lasts for a set amount of seconds.

While [Self Preservation] is active Bhaltair gets increased damage, reload speed and critical chance.

The effect doesn’t stack but the duration is refreshed.


Purified Amplification
(Gold Skill - Passive Ability)

Bhaltair increases his attack speed and critical damage whenever he uses [Total Protection] or [Self Preservation].

These bonuses can stack up to several times and last until the end of the match.

While an ally’s health is below a specific health percentage, they will receive those bonuses as well.

Whenever Bhaltair makes a critical hit, he will remove a few cleansable negative effects from an ally with a negative effect. This can occur every once every few seconds.


Critical Measures
(Platinum Skill - Passive Ability)

Whenever an ally (including Bhaltair) health drops below a specific health percentage, [Self Preservation] will start recharging faster. This effect is stackable.

If Bhaltair’s health is above a specific health percentage, he will be immune to crowd control effects and will have his critical chance increased. If an ally has a shield form [Total Protection], they also receive this effect.

Additionally, Bhaltair’s movement speed is increased whenever [Total Protection] or [Self Preservation] is active.


(Ruby Skill - Passive Ability)

Knowing is half the battle, allowing this Heroes’ skills to start charged by a set percentage. This Hero also gains an armor bonus and a percentage increased chance to Evade basic attacks.

How can I get Bhaltair?

Bhaltair will be obtainable through crates and co-op Raids!


interesting skills. wonder which healer they will replace