Hero Spotlight: Carabina

Icon_ElementEnergy CARABINA

Faction_ColorIcon UAF AIRBORNE

As an Elite UAF Surveyor, Carabina uses a litany of scopes and advanced markerlights to track enemy positions and coordinate strikes from afar. Watch out for that scope; this powerful single-target Hero is hard to hide from!

Primary Weapon – Assault Rifle



Bronze Ability

Carabina applies a charge of Markerlight to the targeted enemy that lasts until the end of the mission. Each charge of Markerlight increases Damage dealt to the target by 5% and reduces enemy Armor, up to a maximum of 3 charges.

If an affected enemy has 3 charges of Markerlight, they become Marked.


Silver Ability

Carabina fires a continuous stream of bullets dealing Elemental Damage to the targeted enemy. The Elemental Damage per second increases the longer it is channeled. Lasts 4 seconds, or until cancelled.

Pathfinder - Passive Skill

Gold Ability

Whenever an enemy affected by Markerlight dies, Carabina gains a charge of Pathfinder for each charge of Markerlight on the target. Each charge boosts Weapon Damage until the end of the mission.

UAF Surveyor - Passive Skill

Platinum Ability

All allied Heroes gain bonuses from Pathfinder. For each charge of Pathfinder, each allied Heroes’ Weapon Damage is boosted until the end of the mission.

Where Can I Get Carabina!?

Frag%20crate Frag%20Raid

Carabina will be available through Crates, and through Co-Op Raids!


What do you think of Carabina? Let us know!


Good, another UAF hero! Their time has come at last!


We have plenty of energy heroes on uaf airborne.
Should have created a chemical to balance it and make it less boring.


Yaaas, more uaf airborne
She looks cool, skills seem ok

A lady in white with a skull-like face? The devs just added silver banshee.

Another high DPS hero to make ignorant newbies think ALL heroes have to be high DPS as a standard regardless of character types.

I wonder when the bronze skill reaches the 3rd charge and the target is “Marked”, are they marked permanently? It does say it last until the end of mission. I hope that the marked target does not glitch\conflict with Drake’s gold, meaning once the target is marked they can’t hide by Drake’s gold skill.

If they intended for that to happen, perhaps mandrakes glory days are over.





Will UAF be included in all the fun or is strictly going to be UAF Airborne only next month?

it would be better if its against klg black ops, but UAF is good too

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?! Mandrake is one of my boys!


Also, new hero looks amazing.

Skills wise; Markerlight will be one to watch for reasons people have already picked up on (…Mandrake :frowning_face:). Will Fusillade be a lesser, better or similar to Dogface and Hardscope’s skills? Depends on her base damage, I guess. Pathfinder makes her one you’ll have to pilot to ensure it activates early, but it’ll be worth it if the Surveyor bonus to the team is worth it.

As always, I’m intrigued and can’t wait! Would have been interesting if she was a Chem hero though :thinking: But I think three of last four were Chem heroes

She’s in white? :thinking:


These GIFs are hilarious and confusing!!! I’m going to play some PVP

That’s assuming that Carabina is good enough to be a staple to actually counter Mandrake’s use. If she isn’t viable, I don’t see her being a threat. Otherwise, people can just prioritise her as a target before she gets in 3 marks as types like her are pretty fragile. And if AI-controlled, that (getting 3 marks) would take a while, considering the random switching of targets that AI usually does.

it was supposed to be metaphorical. Here in Phil we refer to ghostly women as white ladies

I’m seriously getting Prophet vibes from her. Also, silver is basically Phoenix’s bronze and her passives seems nice. Hope she’s a 3-star

Looking forward to it! I just need to know if you can apply a charge of Markerlight to an invisible enemy.