Hero Spotlight: Cross

We'd like to introduce a new feature spot, the Hero Spotlight. This series will seek to highlight the variety of heroes in Gun Rise and help the players get more familiar with their design. The first spotlight will cover the bounty hunter Cross.
*** # Hero Spotlight: Jacob "Cross" *A wandering free agent, currently looking for new opportunities! Good with crossbows and loves the outdoors.*

Cross has worked as a Bounty Hunter for every wasteland faction imaginable. Over his long career, he’s amassed quite the insider’s perspective of the various comings and goings of daily survival in the city - a feat that very few have attained. His checkered employment history makes his current allegiances and loyalties hard to discern. Regardless, Cross has proven to be a valuable asset to the UAF strike team.
![Image] Cross
Cross’s primary weapon is the Crossbone Repeater. It’s very accurate but has a small magazine capacity; always aim for headshots to get more out of your limited shots. He’s effective against heavily armored enemies. Cross deals powerful Bio-chem attacks and abilities that deal high damage to mechanical enemies.

Poison Rain poisons enemies in a wide area, causing Bio-chem damage every second.

  • Tips
  • Poison Rain is easily avoided by enemy heroes. Combo this ability with allied heroes who utilize rooting abilities (like Steele, or Surge) or use Poison Rain to force enemies to leave cover.

Incapacitate stuns an enemy for 3 seconds, and causes Bio-chem damage every second.

  • Tips
  • Use Incapacitate on dangerous enemies. Every second that an enemy is stunned is a second that they are not damaging your Heroes.
  • Stunning enemies can make it easier to hit them with Poison Rain, in turn dealing massive Bio-chem damage quickly.

Black Death has a chance to create a lingering poison cloud when an enemy that Cross has damaged dies.

  • Tips
  • Try to focus on enemies that are near death. Black Death can create poison clouds whenever an enemy dies, which damages any enemies who linger near their fallen allies.
  • Black Death works great with Poison Rain to lock down large zones of the battlefield. Enemies will be unable to avoid Poison Rain and avoid all the Black Death clouds.

Antidote: grants minor health regen for all allied heroes.

  • Tips
  • Can be useful for regenerating a minor damage taken during a Gauntlet mission.
  • The Health regen isn’t fast enough to replace a dedicated healer, but can dramatically improve the long-term survivability of allies.


  • Cross is a relatively fragile Hero; combining him with a powerful shielder, such as Butter, can allow him to remain alive longer dramatically improving his damage output.
  • As most of Cross’s damage output is Bio-chem damage, he is dramatically hampered when fighting against Energy Heroes. Try to avoid bringing Cross into battles where Energy heroes are likely to be present.

Fragments for Cross can be found in:

  • The Square - District 1 (Hard Mode)
  • 1-3 Hard Mode
  • 1-7 Hard Mode
  • 1-10 Hard Mode
  • Gold Crates
  • Silver Crates

How do you get the best out of Cross?

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I shield him with butter or phalanx and let him do his thing