UAF/airborne biochem hero

These factions really need a biochem hero each. Could be an NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) specialist. A grenadier. Some of the newer hand held grenade launchers can be fired with relatively rapid succession (the milkor MGL). Hero could have something of that sort of even a 10 round magazine fed weapon. Firing damage combined with biochem.

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Actually all the factions need to be re-organized. There should be heroes representing every element in all the factions. We have plenty of heroes so that is not the issue.

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Cross should definitely be counted as UAF. Story wise, he’s been with the original squad since his boss encounter. He wouldn’t even have to change faction: any event that boosts UAF should also include Cross.

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Yeah, but across is still a merc. Maybe the Mercenaries faction should get a mini-bonus during some months?

And this would be cool. A rebalancing of the factions and a greater focus on Faction Fight PVP - what exactly that is, idk right now :neutral_face:- But I digress, if there -was- a rebalancing of factions, maybe we could have a draft where the Community gets to vote in one Hero to each Faction.

Fresh hero’s keep people interested. More hero’s will broaden the choices to make fun/effective teams

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