Suggestion: New Hero - Hunter

There is a lack of Bow weapon Heroes in this game and I think it is about time a new one is introduced.


Name: Hunter (Full name: Hunter John Taylor.)

Weapon: Bow

Type: Chemical

Faction: Mercenary


After the City fell, many civilians had to adjust to a harsh life to survive in what remained of the city. Only a select few people were allowed to live in the areas of the City that remained intact. Hunter was not one of those few and had to survive by working as a Mercenary hired by civilian encampments either as a guard, scavenger for food, or to train civilians to defend themselves.


Bronze: Silencer

  • Target hit by the Silencer arrow will take X Chemical Damage. They will also become silenced for 8 seconds.

Silver: Deadly Arrow

  • Target will take X Base damage and X Chemical Damage. Enemies suffering from any condition will take a extra X Damage.

Gold: Hunter’s instinct
-Passive: Basic attack Arrows have a X% increase chance at crit and does additional X Chemical damage.

Platinum: The Hunt
-Passive: Every enemy killed will boost all allies Base damage by X Base Damage. Effect reset each round.

(X is used because I cannot properly determine a balanced number for these skills.)


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