Hero Spotlight: Cyphon

Icon_ElementBio CYPHON

Faction_ColorIcon RANGERS

Cyphon, the “Extraction Specialist,” joins the Hunt! His health-leeching Skills and ability to transfer health to his teammates ensure you’ll remain in the fight!

Primary Weapon - C19000 Assault Rifle

Skills Header

Limpet Parasite

Bronze Skill - Active Ability


Slows Skill Generation of target by 15% and deals Damage over 2 seconds. Cyphon heals for 10x the Damage dealt.


Silver Skill - Active Ability


Cyphon disperses 20% of his Health to his allies and gains Armor for himself for the next 5 seconds.


Gold Skill - Passive Ability


Limpet Parasite also gives Cyphon Armor for 10 seconds.


Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


Whenever this Hero is above 60% Health he grants allies bonus healing when using Reallocate.


Ruby Skill - Passive Ability


Cyphon gains bonus Armor and Dodge chance.

How can I get Cyphon?!

crate raid

Cyphon will be available through Feature Crates and Co-op Raids!

What do you think of Cyphon? Let us know in the comments!


Hm, so rearline callidus. But for the rangers. This could be good.

niiiiiceeeee :heart::heart::heart::heart:… biochem hero​:heart::heart::heart::heart:
ranger for bounty :heart::heart::heart:

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Hmmm seems unlikely but let’s hope he can help with extreme 5-6

Side note


Huh. The rumors are true, Johnson is immortal.

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all he needs is his cigar now on his reskin :wink:

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General Ross before transformed in Red Hulk, lol00-41-39-76968_174040812611311_6370175_n

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Yes! A new biochem hero , I am into biochems , I just love the toxicicity of these poison heroes. Basically, my strategy of winning in PvP.

Moss be like: “:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Ain’t nobody give their health like I do”

Love the military angle of this guy, look forward to seeing how he’s used!

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Does this mean we’re getting a Arnold character seeing as this guy is inspired from Carl weathers character predator

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Protect Burger Town!

Using some FF skill icons I see. :wink::+1:t2:

Also… what is this? It’s in the photo in the post, (on his right shoulder) but in his animation, there’s nothing there. :face_with_monocle:

image image


looks good! Can’t wait to check him out

Is that the limpet parasite? It doesnt look like organic-enough though…

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I was wondering about that also and I was thinking it might go with his skin or something.

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That purple device could be the parasite tech regulator. I hope Callidus finds a way with him on a team.

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That’s the parasite. He’s not present in the amimation, or the forthcoming Skin image, and in that one image he’s hard to see. You’ll see him soon!


Always nice to have a healer… looking forward to seeing him in action:D

Healer, with good damage? Let’s see it.