Basic Impressions of Cyphon

I wanted to get an idea of people’s opinions of Cyphon so far. I have him at 6* and platinum with no bars and he seems OK. I’m using him with similar level characters or a little higher.

I thought he’d be a stronger healer than he is. He does decent damage. I like his fire rate. His bronze feels like an eternity though while it’s charging up during PVP and it feels even slower when it finally launches. He also feels fragile even though he has decent life.

I’ll keep working on him by pushing him up a star and then decide where I’d use him.

I like the parasite attack.

Don’t think his reallocate does anything. Also noticed he shoots a few times after he dies.

His skill charges stupidly fast.

His skin gives the parasite a little hat

I actually like him quite a lot compare to other tanks his silver deals dmg to him self and heal all allies it’s only a very small healing but it can stack after you spam it a few times.

His bronze deals insane dmg against mechs while healing him to full health.

I did notice his silver refills ridiculously fast but like it was mentioned the amount healed isn’t much and by the time you do it so much that you are below 60% you lose the plat bonus. Maybe the armor bonus stacks for the 5 second overlap but it doesn’t feel substantial enough.

He strikes me as a complex healer with enough potential to be a pain, but needs to be used properly to fit well in a team. However, he does find utility.

For example, piloted him in these fights. Only used his silver when I knew his health was high enough, and only when allies needed health. Seemed to do the trick.

With Silhouette and Moss performing similar, yet less complex abilities, they might be more suited to players who would rather have a hero they can leave the AI to pilot. But there’s more control and impact you can have with Cyphon. But that’s just my thoughts on him.


I played around with Cyphon more and noted his healing is a little better than originally mentioned. There is just a slight delay after Cyphon’s bronze animation and the addition of health to the other characters. Sometimes I just didn’t note the effect or the character needing the health was killed before the health got added due to the delay.

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