New skill Suggestion - Healing Spy

Hi devs.

I have just thought of something. Since there are less healers, we need a new healers and also a new twist kind of healer.

Can you create a hero where he/she can summon a spy (that can disguise as an hero of the opponent)


but this spy will be placed in the area of opponent.

Now, about this spy, it can heal your team by shooting at your own heroes (instead of giving damage, it gives health) and when it passes by the opponent’s hero, it deals damage (like an act of assassinating). The healing rate would be equal to Nightingale’s Heal Pulse healing rate but per hit, per heal. If head shot then greater heal. Like an healing gun.

And of course, opponent’s AI can’t detect this since it’s a spy (it sees it as ally). Only the player-controlled hero can know and hit it.

What do you think?? heehhe :sweat_smile:
@Skathi @LordNikon @Muninn


or if not possible, how about a skill where when you use it to your opponent, the opponent gives health to your heroes instead of damage… and i call it, The betrayal Skill.

Fascinating concept! I think every hero should have the potential to be killed by the enemy, so his skills should have some cooldown. Either way, I think Sapphyr is the closest thing to what you’re describing here. Neat idea!


Yes! We need more healers that can also deal some damage (eg Not heimlock)

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no sure though which of the ability of sapphire has it. all i see is that she can invisible, heal block, and jump over the enemy…

but as for this skill i mention… the summoned spy is already at the area of the opponent. shooting at your allies like an enemy but it was only healing it. heehehhe anyways… Thanks @Vintermyst

yep, i agree with it. and also a different way healing of course…

@Dagamepro Now hold on why you doin’ my man Heim a dirty like that? He’s da man on the field who slow heals for lllooonnng time.

Would be really cool. Technically not possible at the moment, but really cool.

I think there are upcoming heroes that you might enjoy coming up. :wink:


Yeah at plat maybe. But usually everyone dies and he’s left dealing 5k damage per shot and getting run down as he struggles in vain to heal and deal damage

Cooool… But it’s possible to have this skill, right? I would be happy to see this skill if it happens…

I literally just said it was technically impossible to do.

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I want fast healing like night but powerfully shield type give player next chance…

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So, this is where hero limitations comes into play. Every hero must have some kind of weakness in order to be balanced, whether it is in skills, health, or basic damage. If a hero is really good at healing and shields, their basic attack and/or health must be reduced/lacking.

I’ve thought about a few hero ideas which utilize a 50/50 shields/healing approach, one which isn’t overpowered, but realistically balanced.

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oh… sorry, i apologise, i didn’t understand it due to my intense excitement. hehehe

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yep, but this can also be fast healing. imagine imitating an hero who is fast at shooting, when you got hit by that spy, then you get fast recovery.

This can be balanced, the weakness of this already visible, by killing it beside you, the disadvantage of this skill is when the opponent knows the spy. If that happens, then you could easily kill it. And also, the healing of the spy varies on which hero it will copy, if it copies a rapid-firing hero, then it will be a fast recovery, if slow then slow recovery, :slight_smile:

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