Hero Spotlight: Disarray


Disarray was a scientist with some advanced and not well looked upon ideas on his plate. He wanted to create a robot prototype that can be used as a body for any person that wants to outlive his mortal life.

As his project was ready and presented to the public he found out that his idea wasn’t welcomed. Some saw the strength they can get from that but others - the destruction it can bring. In the end, the project was canceled and the government was on their way to confiscate everything.
As Disarray anxiously awaited them, the whole world collapsed in a glance. His lab was shaken by a powerful earthquake but remained with little to no damage as it was a well-secured building. He hurried to check how everything outside was and saw the destruction all around. A stray rock fell from the roof of his building, fatally damaging his legs when he tried to dodge it out. His only assistant, a young and talented boy, helped him out. With no chances of getting any help and seeing his condition is worse than what he thought in the beginning, Disarray understood that his only option was to transfer his consciousness.

Using parts of the different robots in his lab, including the H.E.C.K.L.E.R. prototype body, he achieved the greatest success of his life, the first successful transfer of human mind into a robot body. Barricading himself in his lab, he created a fortress and started improving himself.

Once used to his new body he started going into the city scavenging labs, looking for parts, documents, and prototypes of different projects. He thought that the world had gone completely crazy. Seeing people killing each other for no reason, he was sure that there was no hope left. So he decided to pick a selected few and separate them in order to build a new society ruled by respect and peace.

What he didn’t expect was that not everything was still lost. As humanity reduced even more the groups that survived started to change. He didn’t believe it in the beginning until one day he stumbled upon a conflict between the Patriots and the Shoreman factions. As he was ready to pass by them he saw a group of Magistrates that stepped in and prevented the fight. Highly impressed by that glimpse of hope he decided to give humanity a second chance. Offering the Magistrates his assistance he shifted his goal into preserving what was left of the human race.

Faction: Magistrates

Element: Biochem

Weapon: SMG

Disarray is the newest 5-star Hero to join the battle!



EM Shockwave
(Bronze Skill - Active Ability)

Disarray channels [EM Shockwave] for a few seconds towards some enemies and becomes immune to interrupt effects.

Enemies affected by [EM Shockwave] have reduced movement speed, skills cooldown and they take damage per second for the duration of the channeling.

Enemies affected by Healblock will take additional damage per second.


EM Disorder
(Silver Skill - Active Ability)

Target some enemies, dealing damage and afflicting them with [EM Disorder].

Enemies affected by [EM Disorder] are Healblocked and their dodge chance is reduced. The effect lasts for a few seconds.


EM Aid
(Gold Skill - Passive Ability)

Each time an enemy is affected by Disarray’s skill, all allies, including Disarray receive some cooldown to their active skills and they get additional health for the rest of the match.

The additional health can stack up to a few times.


EM Protection
(Platinum Skill - Passive Ability)

While channeling [EM Shockwave] Disarray cleanses all negative effects on himself and he cannot die. If he takes lethal damage while channeling he will start healing himself and take reduced damage until the end of the channeling.

Additionally, a percentage of the basic attack damage done by enemies afflicted by [EM Disorder] will be redirected towards their own ally with the highest current health.


(Ruby Skill - Passive Ability)

A skilled Support Hero can’t help their team if they’re down for the count. This Hero gains an Armor bonus and a chance to Evade basic attacks.

How can I get Disarray?

Disarray will be available through crates and Co-Op raids!


Nothing about this hero, neither his abilities or lore, say biochem to me. His robotic Heckler vessel lore, and abilities all having the words Electro magnetic in it just makes him feel like a energy hero to me.

It’s been a while since we had an energy hero anyway, and him having a heckler body just screams energy to me. Making him a biochem hero just doesn’t feel like it makes sense in anyway. It kind of feel like he is a biochem just for being a scientist. Just my opinion though.

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but what if that fluid in those tubes is his old body liquified


That kinda lore would be cool haha.
But this time his lore is about his digitally transferring his consciousness. Leaving his old body behind. Maybe the new hero will have a power source on his back similar to Heckler that’s connected to the tubes.

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Just be grateful it’s not Astral or Void.


Other than not being able to get stars for the Astral/void heros, they are quite unique and a fun addition to the game. I don’t really see any drawback other than there being such a low amount of them.