Hero Spotlight: Axel


From a young age Axel Riddley had a penchant for tinkering with gadgets. His innate skills led him to enroll in the school of gifted and talented individuals, where he specialized in engineering with a deep-seated desire to employ his abilities in saving lives. Despite graduating at the top of his class, Axel faced the financial burden of supporting his ailing single-parent mother, compelling him to accept an opportunity in the army. However, he didn’t want to take lives but to save them by using his skills, and the only role he found a true way of doing that was as an explosive diffuser, despite the inherent risks involved.

Although this role didn’t precisely align with Axel’s expectations for saving lives, he dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the job and excelled in it. Tragically, despite the financial stability brought by his military service, Axel’s mother succumbed to her incurable illness. The ensuing grief left him a mere shell of his former self, devoid of motivation, he lost his will for self-improvement.

However, a glimmer of hope emerged when Axel received an invitation to work for Quantum Dynamics Innovations (QDI), a company contracted by the government for top-secret military technologies. As a military member and an exceptional engineer, he proved to be the perfect fit for the role of chief engineer. Embracing the opportunity, he navigated through intense competition from those who were aiming for the same role, ultimately ascending to his new position.

Immersed in his work on prototype cutting-edge gravity technology, Axel found solace and gradually restored positivity to his life. While focused on his projects, he remained unaware of rumors surrounding a sister lab working on a biochemical virus, dismissing it as beneath his clearance level.

Unhesitant to tackle hands-on tasks, even in his role as chief engineer, Axel regularly wore his self-engineered protective suit, essential for shielding him from the hazards of vacuum conditions. This suit became integral to his legendary status in the engineering field, particularly as it was designed to safeguard him from potential dangers related to the groundbreaking gravity technology he was actively developing.

However, everything changed on Day Zero when an explosion rocked the sister lab, revealing a deadly biochemical virus unleashed by a prototype military project. This virulent substance, originally intended to drain the life force solely from humans, revealed a disturbing twist - an unintended impact on all living organisms, even plant life. The virus, endowed with the ability to choose and incubate compatible individuals without causing harm or instigating negative effects with its goal of spreading, posed an alarming threat. Axel, seemingly immune to the destructive capabilities of the virus, discovered his unique condition when witnessing the tragic transformation of his colleagues into lifeless husks. As an unwitting carrier of the virus incubated within him, Axel, along with other similar survivors, recognized the urgency to seal the lab. Their assumption that all of them might be carriers in incubation drove them to seal the facility, grappling with the unsettling reality of their potential role in spreading the insidious virus.

Months and years passed, supplies dwindled, and the situation grew dire. Axel’s ingenuity persisted as he embarked on a series of trial-and-error experiments. Through relentless effort, he successfully enhanced his protective suit, transforming it into a containment vessel for the virus he inadvertently carried within himself.

This ingenious modification turned Axel’s suit into a double-edged solution – a protective prison for both him and the virus. With the newfound capability to interact with others without risk, Axel ventured into the devastated world, scavenging for essential supplies.

The outside world, however, was in ruins, with Axel finding total devastation. In a stroke of luck, he encountered a militaristic group of surviving soldiers from UAF Airborne, tasked with securing the virus-infected areas. Sharing his story and learning about the world’s fate, Axel formed an alliance with the UAF Airborne unit. They provided him with supplies for the quarantined survivors, and in return, Axel collaborated with them on military tasks.

Becoming the lifeline between the isolated QDI Lab survivors and the outside world, Axel worked tirelessly to bring hope back to his colleagues. Through his collaboration with UAF Airborne and the supplies that they provided him with, he contributed to creating similar prototype suits for the other survivors of the lab. Despite being bound to the protective suits for the remainder of his life, Axel’s sacrifice ensured that he could continue to shield others from the virus, embodying a selfless commitment to the well-being of humanity.

Faction: UAF Airborne
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Element: Mech

Weapon: Special (Javelin Gun)

Axel is the newest 5-star Hero to join the battle!



Kinesis Field
(Bronze Skill; Active Ability)

Axel generates a [Kinesis Field] for a few seconds. Enemies caught in its area of effect suffer Elemental Damage, get lifted into the air, and are afflicted with [Kinesis Field] for a few seconds. While under this effect, their total health decreases by a set amount, and Axel gains a percentage of the damage dealt to them through basic attacks as permanent health. Once lifted, enemies cannot be affected by [Kinesis Field] for the next few seconds (the timer starts upon lifting).

Should an enemy afflicted by [Kinesis Field] die, all allied heroes including Axel are healed for a set amount of Health and receive a bonus of additional permanent Health.


Kinetic Absorption
(Silver Skill:Active Ability)

Deals Elemental Damage towards a number of targeted enemies, afflicting them with Disorient and Taunts them for a few seconds. While the Taunt is active, every time this hero takes damage above a set percentage of his total health, the damage will be healed by Axel and a bonus amount of Health will be added as extra permanent Health instead.

Once the Taunt is over, if Axel’s total health is below a set percentage, all enemies that have damaged him during the Taunt will be lifted for a few seconds.


Altruistic Protection
(Gold Skill: Passive Ability)

While possessing additional health (yellow bar), Axel self-depletes a percentage of his total health per set amount of time and gives the amount lost as permanent health among all allied heroes. This effect stops if Axel is below a set percentage of his total health.

All allied heroes (including Axel) below set percentage Health regenerate a set amount of Health per Second.
All allied heroes (including Axel) above set percentage Health receive additional attack speed and additional reload speed.

Additionally, when an ally or this hero damages an enemy that is lifted they’ll be healed for a percentage of the damage done.


(Platinum Skill: Passive Ability)

When an allied hero (including Axel) reaches below set percentage health, they gain [Equilibrium] for a few seconds which makes all damage they receive to be reduced. This can occur once every few seconds.

All allied heroes (including Axel) that have additional health will gain [Counterpoise] which makes them for every set amount of additional health they have (up to a certain limit) to deal additional Elemental Damage.

Additionally if [Kinesis Field] doesn’t lift at least a set amount of the enemies during its duration, its cooldown is refreshed by a percentage once its duration is over.


Tanked Up
(Ruby Skill: Passive Ability)

A Tank’s job in any decent Team composition is to not only soak up damage but also clear a path for your Heroes. This Hero takes reduced damage, starts the match with additional Health and Elemental Armor, and deals additional Damage to Cover.

How can I get Axel?

Axel will be obtainable through crates and Co-Op Raids!

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Let’s hope he doesn’t bring along any specific artifact capable of creating specific undead abominations along with him!

“I’m referencing Dead Space because he looks like Isaac Clarke in his Engineer Rig”

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