Bounty bug...again!

Why is Duran fightin against his own element on bounty? We had the same problem couple months ago. I thought we learnt that time.

Bounty has been running for almost 25 hours. Have you just started to play?

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Yep but if special bounties are mech then its a lot harder to deal more damage with boosted heroes

This was deliberate. The rest of UAF would do poorly against Mech bounties, which would cause rage. We decided this was the best course and would cause the least rage, since Duran won’t be at a disadvantage.

Don’t assume everything you dislike in a game is a bug, or a sign of incompetence. You’ll have a happier life!


Fully endorsed this bug!

Been couple bounties before that it happened and it was a glitch. Sure that’s why he assumed it was a bug

Totally agree, smart move