DURAN event

Hi Team Hero Hunters,

It’s a kind request to you that please create an event for the hero DURAN in which we can win DURAN’s fragments.

I hope, you will consider this small request.

Hunter from India :blush:


Why not?.. There’s should be an event for RONIN,ALVAREZ,BUCKET & rest other heroes too:)

You could also buy elemental and universal frags to apply to the heroes.

I think the events for the next couple months are already planned, and also duran is obtainable in a number of crates, so there probably won’t be an event

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Try building heroes to 10* with heroes like cynder, Matador, Surge and Maven. With just these guys, you’ll have 700 heronium frags per day. You may know it already, but if you are new-ish, it’s good info

Ya… I’m doing that but frankly speaking… I haven’t seen DURAN anytime in HERONIUM store so that can purchase his fragments.

You just need to buy biochem fragments brother. You get 60 for 3000 heronium. That’s like the easiest way to improve the heroes after unlocking them.

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I don’t think he has Duran unlocked. Using heronium for biochem fragments is great for improving heroes you already have, but it’s awful at collecting fragments to unlock heroes. I think the heronium store should include a wider variety of hero fragments so it’s easier to unlock them by collecting their fragments.


I think it needs more mk frags. Like Mk5 and Mk6?? But, yeah sorry. I was kinda assuming you already have him. My bad!!

Chances are we can get it when the bonus faction is uaf. Atleast like what we have with Surge now.