Hero Spotlight: Eruin


After Day Zero, Eruin had lost her husband and her daughter. Her only hope to be with family again was to find her son, who went missing after the faithful day.

Upon reaching her son’s college campus she was attacked and captured by a newly formed bandit group. It was a really close call but a wandering sheriff saw her capture and managed to rescue her.

Since she was not the best fighter — he handed her a small, lightweight weapon and taught her self-defense. Eruin disdained violence, but knew this new world was not as kind as she was. Whenever possible, she would tend to the wounds of others, both physical and emotional. Her caring and loving nature saved more people than any of her bullets did. On her journey to find her son, she joined the Magistrates. They welcomed her with open arms and quickly became her second family.

One day, while on a patrol, her squad was ambushed and she was badly wounded. They tried every known method to nurse her back to health, however nothing worked. In order not to lose one of their most precious members, Hikari decided to try and save her life with an experimental treatment, using pure heronium. Fortunately, it not only worked in saving Eruin but even had a positive side effect, unlocking special powers in her. She now uses them to help and save people.

Faction: Magistrates

Element: Astral

Eruin is the newest 5* Hero to join the battle.

A devoted mother and experienced medic, searching for her son who went missing after Day Zero.

Watchful Embrace

Bronze Skill - Active Ability

Increases the armor of all allies.

Increases the armor of this hero and her attack speed for each allied hero that receives this buff.

Every bullet she fires while this ability is active reduces the cooldown of the silver ability.

The skill lasts for a few seconds.


Silver Skill - Active Ability

Sheltering - If there is an ally with a certain percentage health or less “Healing Energy” is activated, otherwise “Supporting Energy” is activated.

Healing Energy - Heals some of the most injured allies.

Supporting Energy - This hero improves her and her allies’ damage, fire rate and increases the health for a few seconds.

Flower Rain

Gold Skill - Passive Ability

Every bullet she fires has a chance to silence, reducing her target’s rate of fire and reload rates for a few seconds. The debuff does not stack but the duration is refreshed.

When this hero is below a certain percentage health, she increases her reload speed and her magazine capacity.

Turning the Tide

Platinum Skill - Passive Ability

Whenever this Hero casts an ability she heals all allies, restoring some health per second for a few seconds.

Additionally if the ally target is below certain percentage health their damage is also increased for a few seconds.


Ruby Skill - Passive Ability

A skilled Support Hero can’t help their team if they’re down for the count. This Hero gains bonus armor and has an increased chance to Dodge.

How can I get Eruin?

Eruin will be available in Crates and through Co-op Raids!


Beau travail DECA , penser aussi à les types de héro Voide on a que 2. J’ai hâte de l’essayer

She going to be fun. Can’t wait to see what other skins she gets

She looks stellar, perfect for my favorite faction!

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I know it’s quicker to gripe than praise, but I’m absolutely not a fan of Astral or Void heroes until you get to the frags. Therefore, this is just another hero on the park bench.


the backstory

image she’s Razorback mother


Now we’ll have 6 Astral Heroes and only 2 Void Heroes? Why so lopsided? And still no frags for either in the Heronium store, or will that change with this next update? Please…!



Abilities look good! But with that being said I can’t seem to grasp why this hero is another Astral. Very weird having a 6/2 Astral Void ratio. Unfortunately if Astral fragments aren’t made easily accessible to most players this will be another hero that most won’t be able to get 10*…


It seems to be a money grab. Pay to play will buy the frags and make the company money so they can continue to run the game
But not sure why no Astral heros added

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I hope this isn’t the case, bc they would make a lot more money from the active players if they made these frags grind-able or obtainable


Spoiler alert: Her son is Kurtz!:joy:

Look like Flatline 2.0 as for me. They both have same base functional.

Void/Astral disproportion – only I think what Voltage and Cyber is Void heroes whose elements was changed because their updates has delayed and community was ready generated big waves of negative if new heroes of this updates was nonfarmable elements?

Eruin’s son – he must be young and have native roots. With this criteria we have or Icebox, or any heroes with full armor suit. Like Dreadnought, Ghoul, Ursus, guy in hockey mask skin, etc.

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Another astral? :man_facepalming:t6: We have 2 void and the rest are astral, do we really need more of these right now?


I somehow expect her to constantly say
”oooh dear” or ”here comes granny”

And Having some kind of medical coat as skin


The “nurse” or combat doctor would be a cool mythic idea for the future, right now let’s focus on the fact her bronze starts at 99% fire rate increase for Allies, but when you upgrade it, it goes down… do do doolooo, I’m keeping mine at low level :),

Yooo, whats wrong with granny?

Hikari gave her the wrong type purified heronium cus she got looneytoones bones


grandma back in action

you know the song 'grandma got run over by a reindeer ’ by elmo and patsy? I would want skins based on that for her and others.

So pretty much a holiday Xmas skin. Like what Savage has

This isn’t a bad looking hero; might get around to upgrading her!

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