Enigma - Update 6.2

Enigma is here to help you by stealing your enemies’ life force! You can find the new Void Hero with the 6.2 update! :star2:

Download the update now!

:arrow_right: https://clc.to/HHiOS
:arrow_right: https://clc.to/HHAndroid


  • Common: Decay
  • Rare skin: Abholos
  • New Mythic Skin for Phalanx: Bastion

Featured Factions:

KLG irregulars colour KLG Irregulars
Faction_Shoremen Shoremen


:large_orange_diamond: Blitz
:large_orange_diamond: Bounties
:large_orange_diamond: PvP Tournaments
:large_orange_diamond: New PVP Season
:large_orange_diamond: New Raids
:large_orange_diamond: Co-op Raids
:large_orange_diamond: Alliance Wars

Two new special Blitz events:
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Black Friday Blitz
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Keir Blitz

Hero changes:

:wrench: Keir Silver Ability Re-Design - Check it out here.
:muscle: Buffed heroes: Spewage and Xianjiu - You can find more about them here.

Misc and Fixes:

  • Minor bugs were fixed, mainly quality of life improvements;
  • Fixed Eruin 3th ability where it had the lvl 100 values on all levels;
  • Added the missing Eruin 4th ability scaling for the Damage variable that the allied heroes get;

There is a bug in this post & this is the 3rd time I noticed that. But, I won’t tell you.
I hope you conduct bug bounty event in near future.

those blitz are amazing looking!!!
(Also spewage has a change, his silver now deals double damage to enemies affected by nano toxins, but I don’t see this mentioned anywhere,

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This has been since the start he came out bud

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Deca… any plans for adding Void and Astral elements to the Heronium store? :upside_down_face:


Please, inform us about change of skins too. For example, you add level 6 for Phalanx Centurion rare skin, but this is pure stealth buff – without +skin bar. And what with Hikari Sand Warrior skin? This outfit has +skin status, but level 3 is max level for him from release.

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deca friends this anniversary year have not placed the badge

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Welp your right, I’m trippin. Could have sworn it wasn’t there before, but found proof it was like that, so I guess I just never saw that for some reason, that’s weird.