4 star duo hero Concept : Skye

Hero Concept : Skye

Stars : 5

Availability : feature, gilded and step up crates

Role : Support

Faction : Rangers

Element : Energy

HP 2/5

Armor 2/5

Damage 2/5

Healing 4/5

Skills 5/5

Quick Summary

she specialises in helping weaker allied heroes, increasing their damage output and give healing. Although you have to be carefull and decide to go the risky way or stay alive

Backstory :

When she was 9 she got diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease, just like Marlowe. Instead of letting them give her prosthetic limbs she wanted to go through it, hoping there was a cure. Although luck didn’t stand on her side. She always got bullied in school because of her weakness and her low height and mostly felt left out. Especially because she didn’t have good parents, they had money problems and couldn’t afford to help her and didn’t care about giving her a better home. Until she lost it, she ran away when she was 13 and came by an unexploded rocket from one of kurtz his bombings and injected herself with heronium, in the hope it would help her out with her disease. She passed out after that and woke up in a house full of nicer people that did care about her. But instead of curing it it sped up the progress, although it did gave her the ability to drift with other people their minds, her drifts allows her and the other person to see all the memories they have and because of this she is able to feel the way other people feel and can even change their mood. on the 11th of June when she was 15 kurtz his troops were bombing the streets, one bomb exploded near the house she lived in with her caretakers, they didn’t make it. a few minutes after that she woke up again in between the ruins, she started crying hoping it was the last thing she ever experienced until she heard voices, and seconds after that someone lifted away the ruins. It looked like a cold emotionless face. The Rangers found her in the wreckage. They took her in and started teaching her how to use light guns and gave her a home and love, she found herself very welcomed by the rangers and especially that guy with the emotionless face, they became best friends and they shared a lot in common. Now she helps out the rangers. Due to her past she still sometimes has mental breakdowns but the rangers and the emotionless looking guy helped her deal with it and give her her space, when she loses her temper or breaks down he always is there for her as he himself can drift to. Wondering who he is? New 4 Star Duo Hero Concept Radon

Personality : Sweet, Caring, Sympathetic, Shy, short temper

Appareance : black hair, short and skinny, looking KIND OF like this

for clearance, this picture is not taking by anyone, I have screenshotted this myself on my screen from a movie called Alita, this entire concept and everything else is made up

Abilities :

Bronze : Drift : She starts to drift with the targeted allied hero, granting one charge of “Drift” giving the allied hero a 1% cooldown speed, add 1% every 10 levels, stacks to a max of 5, and a total of 10 across the entire team

Silver : Heronium Rush : Drifts with the targeted ally, triggering ‘’Heronium Rush’’ That hero will gain ‘’Heronium Rush’’ for every charge of ‘’Heronium Rush’’ recharge a medium amount of hp up to a max of 3 and and a total of 9 across the team, this effect stalls when this hero is dead. if the allied hero is below 50% hp the strongest ally will taunt and regen a medium amount of hp per second for every charge that ally had, this effect lasts 10 seconds

Gold : Trauma : whenever this hero drifts with an ally below 50% hp she will gain -Trauma- draining 0.5% health for every charge of ‘’Heronium Rush’’ or ‘’Drift’’ on an ally. Whenever this hero dies while affected by ‘’Trauma’’ the weakest allied hero will gain a shield the amount of 33% of their max hp and gain her max hp and will get a decent amount of extra damage for 10 seconds

Platinum : Resurrect : If Radon is present he gains the bonus health of ‘’Trauma’’ if this is kept for 10 seconds she will resurrect with 25% less max hp. If Marlowe or Radon is present, they have a 15% cooldown time reduction on their abilities. Plus : Whenever this hero drains her health it will be given to the lowest ally or to Radon if he is present

Ruby - Supported : A skilled Support Hero can’t help their team if they’re down for the count. This hero gains an armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to dodge.

Weapon :

Her weapon is a specialized lightweight version of Pris her Stiletto Pistol, it shoots just as fast but performs best when shooting 1 round per second, it does not have the suppressor

stats :

Hp : 2463

Damage : 189, elemental 173

Armor : 24, elemental 29

Crit chance : 2%

Crit damage : 200%, elemental 200%

Offensive Mod : 4.12, elemental 4.53

Defensive Mod : 2.4 elemental 4.9

Weapon stats -

Type : pistol

magazine : 8

RoF : 3.97 rounds per second, will have super high recoil thus recommended to shoot 1 round per second

Damage to cover : 89.91 per shot

Damage : 172

Damage per second : 792,92 max, recommended dps is 172 per second

Reload time : 3.1 seconds

Headshot modifier : 41 damage points

Position : Rear Line

Special effects : when drifting eyes will glow pink for -drift- and green for -Heronium Rush-

Trivia :

‘’Drift’’ recovers 5% cooldown per shot and 1% every second

‘’Heronium Rush’’ charges is 18 seconds

Both the silver and the bronze will re-apply the first effect to the targeted ally if reached the maximum

If she needs an skin, she will be overcorrupted by the heronium, just like serial his skin

A big thanks for GODLANTE for helping me out a bit with the spelling and some of the inspiration

For clearance they are both 15, if that’s not legal for some reason make them 18, they can both look older


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