What’s the strategy with Fiber?

I’m genuinely confused about how her skills work and how to counter them. Her bronze I get, you get hacked. Stop shooting.

But her silver, I would assume breaking the cover stops the healing. But it doesn’t.

Had so many matches now where no matter who on the other team I hit, everyone is just at full health.

I don’t get how you break the silver, or do you have to just wait it out?

You need to heal block her . Try 4cep or sapphyr . Sapphyr is the key to best fiber. Also if your serial shield has absorbed much damage , it can go and kill fiber via breaking the invincibility. Burst damage is required


A well placed silence or stun

I’ve noticed the samething. The hack heal is affect the entire team not just one member of the team. There are times where fibers hack heal is going off before my team is set in pvp. It doesn’t always happen, but it does often enough

Yes, I noticed that too. Sometimes I can drop her right away if quick enough but other times I can’t scratch her even if she isn’t being shielded in the beginning. If she’s shielded at the start might as well target the rest of the enemies first and hope you can drop one quickly before she kicks in. Don’t always run Sapphyr in a lineup depending on the event and my 4cep would put me at a mismatch considering the other heroes I have near his power level I don’t waste my time with in pvp. They are built for bounty/war.

Another really good counter to her silver ability is a cover breaker hero, like Matador or Baron or Alcatraz,
I’d suggest a plat Matador a little bit more because he gives shields to another hero and with Fiber continually rebuilding cover he can continually break and shield his allies. Same with Baron, his plat boosts him every time he destroys cover and he’s a featured hero.
Alcatraz doesn’t do anything special when you break cover but he destroys cover just as quick as the other two.
All of these heroes destroy cover quickly, which is the most important thing to fix the Fibers annoying silver

So if you’re running a team without a heal blocker the answer is to just give up and die?

Surely she is OP if she can make her whole team invincible for the entire fight unless the opponent has a specific hero type to counter it.

Maybe just focus fire and gun her down before she could use her skills? But if she is ruby, guess the only option is healblock.

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