Hero Spotlight: Homerun


Mike Frenszniak was a successful Baseball player, that received the nickname Homerun because of his accuracy. His incredible talent and luck impressed his fans and made other professionals jealous. He quickly became the most sought after Batter in the League, but with his fame his confidence rose equally. The further he rose the ranks, the bigger his ego grew and nothing seemed to be able to stop him. Excessive parties and enjoying the advantages of his professional achievements made him feel untouchable.
He was practicing his swings, when Day Zero hit and it nearly annihilated. Sheer luck had it, that he survived, but at a cost. His right arm got mangled in some debris that hit him. With his career seemingly over he still wasn’t ready to give up. His stubbornness and his big ego prevented him from giving up or accepting his fate. He remembered one of his biggest fans, a high ranking military official, that once talked to him about current developments in military cybernetics and how it could revolutionize sports as a whole. He didn’t understand a thing back then, but now it was the only thing keeping him going.

He set out to try and find the military complex the Lieutenant Colonel had talked about. On the road he encountered other survivors, raiders, fans and haters alike. His celebrity status helped him receive free support and his physical fitness ensured his survival against raiders and attacks. Even with only one arm he beat raiders with his favorite bat. Betty was a gift from his father and while the sturdiness of the mahogany wood stood strong, it had quite some cracks, dents and chipped off pieces after weeks of battling raiders. When Homerun finally reached the military complex Betty was being merely held together by strings, wire and duct tape. He was almost shot on sight when he arrived, but the Lieutenant Colonel recognized him just in time.

As one of his biggest fans the Lieutenant Colonel didn’t hesitate to immediately order his subordinates to let him in. Homerun explained why he came and demanded help. The present scientist of CHEMS was overjoyed to have a volunteer, and immediately prepared him for the operation. Homerun received a cybernetic arm, that was stronger than he could have ever imagined or wished for. Some of the engineers even managed to salvage what was left of Betty and reconstructed her in a new and improved way, that ensured she wouldn’t break again.

Homerun was ready to swing again. Equipped with Betty and Gun, he promised the Lieutenant Colonel to help reestablish society and join the league again, when everything was done.

Faction: Patriots

Element: Mech

A former world renowned baseball player, that enhanced his body mechanically in order to have the most powerful throws. After the event, he used his abilities for survival.

Homerun is the newest 5-star Hero to join the battle.

:sparkles:Important Note: This Hero has a significantly increased base Critical Chance compared to other Heroes.

Excuse-me swing
Bronze Skill - Active Ability


Homerun uses his trusty old bat to smash an enemy hero for elemental Damage. When an enemy gets hit, one of the following effects will happen:

Percentage chance to apply STUN for a duration of seconds
Percentage chance to apply ROOTED for a duration of seconds
Percentage chance to apply SILENCE for a duration of seconds
Percentage chance for all of the above to take effect.

Every 50 level ups of this ability increase all durations by 1 second.

Silver Skill - Active Ability

Homerun throws explosive baseball/s at his enemies, each dealing elemental Damage in a medium area.

If the target is affected by STUN, the explosion area is doubled.
If the target is affected by ROOTED, the explosion damage deals ~double damage.
If the target is affected by SILENCE, the cooldown of Plunked is reduced by a number of seconds.

NOTE: The number of targets/baseballs thrown can be increased by leveling up the Platinum Ability: Multi-Bagger.

Batter’s eye
Gold Skill - Passive Ability

Every time Homerun deals a critical strike he receives one of the following buffs:

Percentage chance to receive Health Per Second for a duration of seconds
Percentage chance to receive Bonus Attack Damage for a duration of seconds
Percentage chance to receive Bonus Elemental Damage for a duration of seconds
Percentage chance to receive all of the above to take effect

If the same buff is triggered, it does not stack, but instead, it refreshes the duration.

Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


Homerun receives an additional percentage increased Critical Hit Chance and percentage increased reloading speed.

Every 25 levels of Multi-Bagger increases the number of explosive baseballs thrown by Plunked by +1, hitting additional enemies closest to the main target.

Doing Damage
Ruby Skill - Passive Ability

The difference between a good DPS Hero and a great DPS Hero lies in the amount of damage they can dish out. This Hero receives Elemental Attack Damage bonus, as well as a Skill Charge bonus for their Bronze Skill.

How can I get Homerun?

Homerun will be available in Crates and through Co-op Raids!


I like to say that I predicted a baseball hero in the past.

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Funny enough I was gonna make a sports hero concept eventually, so glad we have a doing damage sports hero, (and from the best sport imo)


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Might be an error, it says he throws more baseballs from his bronze, yet under the silver it says the silver ability is the one effected by this.

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Poor graphics, Won’t anticipate

Bad design – common baseball dude among high -tech warriors, soldiers and mutants. And one of my old dreams – dear devs, please add function for use skins effects but change skin visual. For example – many FF guest heroes have amazing HH redesign but we must use old FF +skins because they add good boost to hero stats. Or default skins is may look much better than Mythic. For example Ursus.

Ahhh yes, hate on the small little sneak peak, bruhhh

It’s a backstory, he has new advanced weapons like explosive grenades that he hits like baseballs and uses his skill at the sport to hit the targets with ease. There is more to it than meets the eye

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Yehhhh, we will have a head shooter lol
Deca please make more fun the next update
And don’t give weak powers to this new hero and other upcoming heros, thanks

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Why is everyone so upset about him when he’s not even out yet? U can start complaining once he’s out but cmon, give him a chance

Man, then go find another game, we don’t need your negativity here.

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During fight you look on character directly, not on backstory. This is call lazy design. What next? Puppy or parrot? Before Day Zero Vincent was second Arnold Schwarzenegger, but after tragic circumstances his soul was transform into small animal with enhanced possibilities and now he may shot lazers from his eyes and seek vengeance. :rofl: Hero Hunters it’s not regular anime game for little kidz, imho.


thats actually not a bad backstory


will there be the serial box?

Again, heros not even out yet… just whatch his damage be so high you start saying he needs a nerf looll, can only hope that’s the case

But then again, at least is a mech hero with doing damage

“Before Day Zero Vincent was second Arnold Schwarzenegger” whoa, didnt know the man who faced off against a Predator was in game. Who was Vincent again?

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Whether it’s a popular one, or not, or whether it’s polite or not. Replying to every negative comment trying to prehaps change their mind ultimately doesn’t help much. Just something to consider. :man_shrugging:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


what next? void hero name touchdown?


Man the heros not even out yet, it’s just… like bruh. not trying to change their mind, just saying people should give the hero a chance first.

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Now, everyone can be bonked by this new Hero… Homerun, The Bonker’s Descendant… BWAHAHHAHAHA