New Hero Concept: Roycaster - Baseball Star

Element: Mechanical
Faction: Patriots

Hp 2/5
Armour 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skill 4/5

If you’re not in the game, you can’t hit a home run.
Support - Helper
an old baseball star.
an experienced batsman who helps the team while mocking and annoying the enemy.


Bronze: Home Run - throws the ball up and hits it by firing it violently at the target causing medium damage and stunning the target for a few seconds

  • 50% chance of hitting the target

Silver: Confidence: The hero taunts the enemy team, gains sheild and HP boost for 13 seconds.

Gold: Strike - when 'Home Run’ misses the target, the hero gets a charge of Strike

  • Each charge increases the chance of hitting the target by 10% and the basic damage of the skill by 6%.
  • if ‘home run’ hits the target the charges are reset, if miss for the 3’ time the hero get muted but regains health over time.

Platinum: Base Run - ‘Confidence’ gives the ally with less health some extra HP and earns a Team Player charge (maximum three charges).

  • The ally gains 10% damage to improved skills and 10% movement speed, but if he dies while the charge is active, he comes back to life losing a charge.
  • Lost charge is given to another ally with low HP.
  • When each living character has a charge, he improves Homerun’s chances by 15% and improves skill damage by 10%.
  • If the hero dies, each charge disappears.

appearance: is a man of about 35 years, tall and with athletic body.
Wears the classic baseball player clothes.

His Weapon: HP 9mm Pistol
it’s a semi-automatic gun, fast and accurate but not very powerful

Shooting rate: 3.90
Damage: Low
Charging speed: 0.9
Ammunition capacity: 8

A bit of Backstory - was kidnapped by the KLG as the only survivor among the players in the attack on the stadium on day zero.
He had become the main target of the UAF to be freed but was rescued by the Patriots before they could set off.
So he decided to stay in the Patriots.

On the personal side Roy is very haughty, he is never satisfied with anything and sometimes he is very annoying.
But the years spent playing baseball have taught him that it is better to play as a team than alone and so he tries in any way to help his team when he goes on a mission.

A huge thank you to @KET4N who helped me complete this guy.

he tried in every way to explain something about baseball but I kept going, I keep going and I will keep on not understanding each other but nothing at all

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It was pleasure working with you. There is no baseball knowledge where I live (no news about anything on newspaper or media, like croquet I think) but still knew about it from game I played on mobile.

Now add this to benifit of playing mobile games.