Hero Spotlight: Lancer

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Lancer, the Disruptive Grenadier, is a shock-and-awe specialist working for Kurtz’ Lawgivers. Armed with an arsenal of grenades that provide buffs to allies and debuffs to enemies, plus an Assault Shotgun firing in two-round bursts, Lancer can quickly turn the tide of battle.

Primary Weapon - Long Sword Auto-Shotgun


Heavy Grenade

Bronze Ability


Lancer tosses a powerful grenade that deals Damage to enemies over a wide area.

Smoke Grenade

Silver Ability


Lancer tosses a utility grenade at a targeted enemy or ally. Enemies remaining in the area of effect take Elemental Damage per Second and are Silenced Allies remaining in the area of effect gain Invisibility and 20% Evade. Smoke persists for 12 seconds.

Quick Belt

Gold Ability - Passive Skill


Lancer gains 15% Skill Charge when an enemy dies. Each time Lancer uses a Skill, he recovers Health.

High Explosives

Platinum Ability - Passive Skill


If Heavy Grenade damages an enemy out of cover, they take additional Damage and become Disoriented for 6 seconds. Additionally, Heavy Grenade now deals Damage to cover within its blast radius.

Where can I get Lancer?!

Lancer will be available exclusively in the Gilded Crate when the October Update is available! Save up your Gilded Crate Tokens!


What do you think of Lancer? Let us know!


looks nice, but gilded crates are a miss for me. if i ever get lucky

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aw man, another cool-looking but hard to get hero? Since he’ll probably replace commando in the gilded crate, can we get commando another way? He still looks badass btw

The first tme looking at Lancer, I thought HH was introducing KLG Infiltrators.

Commando won’t get replaced! Both Heroes will be available with the Gilded Crate. Gilded tokens are still being included as event rewards as well.


Now that I know how the gilded crate will work, I’m saving gilded tokens till new hero’s are released.

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Same here. LOL. Always use it immediately as soon as i get them.

He looks cool, but why is his gun the same as commando and elite rifleman if its a shotgun?

Is he coming from Mitsubishi?? :thinking:

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Aw. More heroes = less chance of picking the one you want. Would you put Commando on another crate?

If only Lancer and Commando weren’t tied to Gilded Crate RNG… I haven’t even gotten a single token for the crate yet!

I have open like 15 gilded crates and no commando. No lucky here LoL

As more and more heroes will be added to the gilded crate.

Opening it later is better.

So will there be October month for both PEOPLE GUARDS and KLG?

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Here is the other new hero…wait…Gilded crate…downer reveal.

Nice! And to be available in the gilded crate is a great way to go HH :slight_smile:

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Damn!! I just used my 5 Gilded crate tokens but it’s good I got some good People guards from it

I have used over 10 coins and still no Commando i think the odds should go up.


Its not. Your chances of getting any particular hero gets lesser.

Me :v:t4:; I’ve given up on it :cry::pensive:

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