Lack of new bio heroes

Last bio hero was Astrix 6 months ago.

Sure, we have Lancer in October but there is no sure way of getting him. His rare pulls are only granted by the strictly limited guild tokens. This makes him not accessible to most players who dont spend thousands on this mobile game. (Personally unlocked 50+ guild crates, still no Lancer)


I haven’t spent thousands on the game and got lancer. Just based on luck

You can get the gilded token 100% for free if you just play like 8 pvp games with bonused heroes.

We do need a few more bio heroes though

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Yes, Guild tokens can be earned but at less than 5% pull rate, a typical player probably needs many more tokens than the ones he can earn to have a realistic chance to get him.

Congrats, too bad most of us aren’t as lucky as you.

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There are plenty that have the guilded heros. It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago I got all 3 so I know the pain. Just gotta be patient

In reference to the topic title, I have to agree. Wouldn’t mind seeing a bio hero in the same vein as Shivs, Panzer, and 4-cep. This could be accomplished without a new hero and instead some love being given to some older bio hero staples like Maven, Ghoul, Cross, Kaishi, etc. Yeager, while I still completely disagree with his Platinum skill remaining broken, did at least receive a change to his Archangel skill that provides enough ammo to not require a reload while that skill is in use. Kaishi would benefit from a similar upgrade I feel. Having to reload on a skill that times out is, well, silly.

Maven could just be a little tougher, perhaps just an HP increase. Ghoul could just use a little higher DPS and / or his Molotov could be a quicker throw instead of tossing it in his hand admiring it lol. Cross maybe a clip increase from 3 to 5.

But yeah, agreed.

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