Hero Suggestion: Magnus

Faction: Nomads

Name: Magnus (Electric Technician)

Description: A shocking mastermind. Charges ally’s skills very fast and can deal damage to multiple enemies.

Weapon: Electric Railgun Modular

Ammo: 10 per clip

Rounds: 0.5 per second

Element: Energy


  • Charged Up (Bronze): Distributes his charge meter across his allies. All allies except this hero gain 25% faster charge rate.
  • Tempest (Silver): Attaches a modular into his railgun, reducing his ammo capacity by 5 and adding a 5-second recoil, but raising his basic attacks by 35,000 Damage and [Stunning] enemies hit by [Tempest] for 4 seconds.
  • Conductor (Gold): This hero’s basic attacks now bounces to other enemies in a certain range. Also, [Tempest] has an extra 1-second stun.
  • Electrodynamics (Platinum): Two random enemies will be [Chained*] and receives 2,000 Damage over time.
    • [Chained] means whenever an enemy is damaged, the other [Chained] enemy will also receive the exact same damage, regardless of element

Honestly ive been too closed minded. I really like the idea of a tradeoff instead of direct buffs to the hero. I also like the life chain, although it should have a way to choose its targets, whether it be heros who drop to certain health percents, or have it be triggered by their main weapon. Never leave things to chance in my opinion.

But would it be too convenient to be able to choose the target affected with chain?
Life is never like we imagine friend

I like this idea a lot, as it fills in a nitch that no other hero does. The only main drawback is that some heroes can be used to exploit the bronze in order to unload an ungodly amount of damage or healing. All the meta heroes come to mind. Perhaps a longer recharge would do well for Magnus.

Nifty idea!