Hero Spotlight: MK.2 (100th Hero!)

Icon_ElementEnergy MK.2

Faction_ColorIcon MERCENARY

To all citizens,

Sorry for the mass email, but this information is super important!

MK.2, the “Ultimate Weapon,” is loose in the city, and is causing mass destruction wherever it goes. I’m releasing these details to the public so you can properly prepare yourselves. Though honestly, the best way to prepare right now is to leave town.

The MK.2 War Robot is equipped with a 99-round Gatling Gun, a rocket-powered punch, and, most importantly, tactical Heronium warheads. Be advised that its Threat Level is 7*, and it should not be approached!

Again, if you see it coming, run! Better yet, run now!

Weapon - Gatling Gun

Skills Header

Rocket Punch

Bronze Skill - Active Ability


MK.2 can fire a rocket-propelled fist that homes in on its intended target, causing Damage and Stunning the target for 5 seconds! Trust me: you don’t want to be on the receiving end.


Silver Skill - Active Ability


The Mother of All Bombs! This gigantic missile deals Damage across a large radius. Don’t be there when it lands!

Going Nuclear

Gold Skill - Passive Ability


Ahh! Now the MK.2’s M.O.A.B. deals Elemental Damage, too! Can this get any worse?


Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


I guess I spoke too soon. Now, MK.2’s M.O.A.B. leaves behind Heronium Radiation that deals constant Elemental Damage to anybody sticking around. It lasts for 10 seconds. WHY WOULD YOU STILL BE STANDING THERE?

Tanked Up

Ruby Skill - Passive Skill


MK.2 gains Elemental Armor and deals additional Damage to Cover. Great. Icing on a nuclear-powered death cake.

How can I get MK.2?!

crate raid

While I was working to identify our rampaging friend, I managed to finally dig up its schematics. It’s a long shot, but we MAY be able to construct our own MK.2 models to defend against the rogue.

1) Find MK.2 in Crates!

Check our the MK.2 Feature Crate, MK.2 Step Up Crate, Most Wanted Crate, and 7* Crate for your best chances at hunting it down!

2) Collect Fragments to unlock MK.2 through extended Co-Op Raids!

Reports say there’ll be two Co-Op Raid opportunities. The first one will offer more Frags than usual, so if you work hard and get help from your friends, you should be able to build your own MK.2 (to be used solely for self-defense!)

3) Collect Fragments in Razordome!

I don’t know why you would want to follow it, but MK.2 seems to be veering towards the Razordome. I’ve warned Razorback that it’s coming. If you’re short a few Frags, you may be able to pick up a handful there.


What do you think of MK.2? Let me know in the comments! Stay safe out there!


He hasn’t even shown us his final form.

Galante’s Brother is here to take revenge, (also love the end of each skill descriprion is just Min panicking). This post has so much effort put into it, truely a hero with lots of thoughts and details.


look cool. cant wait to nuke everyone


Omg, so you guys are allowing even free to play to possibly snag him? Hero Hunters, unite!!!


Yes! And thank you for noticing. I want that to be a key takeaway, here.


why energetic? :sob::sob::sob::sob:… i was waiting for mech​:disappointed:


Threat level: nuclear.

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An energetic 7 * was pretty obvious JAZ


yes i know… but I’ve been saving mech frags… im dying right now


@Readerbaby you were almost correct with your guessing…OP
Exact same faction with line lol
& stars

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Sick! Definitly worth the build up tension! Great work on the design and intercepted messages! Really cool that it’s free to!:confetti_ball::tada::tada:


yes u right… but we had 2 energy guys in row :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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but then there is a mk1 a mk3 etc … is 1 is stronger or poorer than 2?


BEEP ENVIOUSLY :imp::imp::imp:

Really :expressionless:…100th was a good moment to release district 15 with all HH hero vs FF hero with new faction :pensive:

MARK 2 GALANTE!!! Hell freaking yeah.

hahahahahahha hahahahahah


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Mix between Mazinger Z and the enemy of RoboCop. XD

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Looks like new heroes platinum will work well with Mari kreiger kiyoshi Kurtz, can’t wait to try mk2 with mk4 combo

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