Hero Spotlight: Oracle

Icon_ElementEnergy Oracle


  • A decorated military officer. Powerful indirect combatant that excels in softening innumerable enemy targets and supporting allies.


Coordinated Strike

Bronze Ability

All allied Heroes gain a stack of this skill. While it is active, all Allied Heroes skills gain a faster cooldown, and whenever any allied Hero uses an ability all allied Heroes recover a portion of health.

Orbital Bombard

Silver Ability

Calls in a barrage of orbital artillery that will randomly bombard the battlefield, dealing damage per second on each target it hits. Whenever an enemy is hit, it will reduce the cooldown of this skill by 10%.

Target Down

Gold Ability - Passive

Whenever an enemy is damaged by Orbital Bombard they become disoriented for a period of time. If an enemy is killed, all allied Heroes gain a charge of Target Down until the end of the mission. For each charge a Hero will recover a portion of health per second.

First Strike

Platinum Ability - Passive

Automatically attacks up to [3] enemies at the start of each wave, dealing damage and disorienting each enemy hit for a duration of time.

Where can I get Oracle!?

  • Oracle_Source

What do you think of Oracle?



Sounds amazing :scream:


Oh my goodness she looks overpowered already. Her bronze sounds completely insane - that will need a nerf I’m calling it haha. Platinum very good too.

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I want and need this one. I spent all my collected Blue frags on Flatline though since I thought that Oracle was green. I now see I made a mistake.

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Looks Promising… Soooo Can I get a 7* Mech Hero to drool on please?

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Looks so cool😍 İ will collect blue frags to buy Oracle.

An Alliance member unlocked her, she is obviously a 5* hero. Which explains why she appears so powerful. :slight_smile:

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Hey ya’ll who’ve seen 5*'s get released before:
Do they usually push them as a Special Offer in the store short after launching?

Never seen this dope animation before. I always only see the one where she smacks the soldier down and heels his head.

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Her platinum skill is still bugged and not dealing energy damage

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I’ve got her Plat and 7*s but her Plat skill leaves more to be desired. I wish it were quicker and dealt more noticeable damage. Also with her Orbital Strike, I wish it wasn’t random and could be controlled. If not, why not allow her take other actions (move, shoot, etc.) after calling in the strike?