Oracle's plat skill

Oracle’s silver(orbital bombard)

I have a feeling that it misses to much.

Even when an enemy hero is standing in the blastzone it doesn’t hit, also when there’s 1 hero left and it is stunned, you see it dropping left and right but it doesn’t hit the target.

I’ve also used her in City Hall, even there she has trouble hitting 2/4 targets, and she’s even not being interrupted.

Anyone else who is noticing this?


When I use the ability it works perfect no problem
it’s targets give me a win
Might have to something to do with the level of your hero

I would assume it’s probably your DPS check the bios might help you out

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@FFAU, here’s my Oracle, so hero lvl is probably not the problem.

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You don’t even have an Oracle…


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I see what you mean and I kinda agree. While I love her Orbital bombardment I also feel the accuracy is underwhelming. But even when it’s close to hitting but missing by a small margin it will force the enemy to leave his cover.

I just noticed that Oracle her platinum skill does no elemental damage, just normal damage, this is a bug

As long as it says it should deal elemental damage then I consider it a bug if it doesn’t actually deal elemental damage. Gotta test it and see if I can recreate.

Challenge me, you take Oracle and I’ll take a bio hero, just did it with a mate but forgot to screenshot :joy:

Already challenged a guy. You’re right, at least in Challenge mode it doesn’t deal elemental damage as prescribed. I can send a support ticket in.

Also tested this in the campaign, same problem there, also in the bounty but I thought the numbers were bugged, but it seems it was the skill that was bugged

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