Pariah Cocoon Not Giving Attack Damage Boost

FYI - I wanted to see if anyone else noted not getting the attack damage boost for Pariah regardless of the charge number of Cocoon/Frenzy. I noticed no increased damage (even incremental) when I was doing the Gorgon co-op raid; I was still getting 571 damage per round impact from 1 charge to the next charge.


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If you encounter a glitch, ITS best to be brought in with a ticket, they will respond faster and effectively

Cool thanks. My first time posting.

Congrats, welcome to the community :tada::tada:

BTW - Your analysis on this game is great. I’ve been lurker on the forum and you do good work when there isn’t a lot of Youtube support/analysis for this game. I appreciate it.

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Its only gives a small damage boost anyway. 10% additional damage from your base damage isn’t actually a lot, even after 4 charges. Most of her damage comes from being invisible and her healing-to-damage skill. (Oh and for some reason the first time you use the skill a charge symbol doesn’t appear for some reason)

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I noticed that too that it doesn’t necessarily appear after the first charge. I knew the boost wouldn’t be big either (hence in my original post I put “incremental”) but I would have expected to see some change in number after the charges. Maybe I just don’t know enough about damage calculations that even after 1 or 2 charges there still wouldn’t be any difference but that’s why I’m asking around to see if it is an error.

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