Hero Spotlight: Bypass


The “Project: Bypass” was a military mass android production project whose goal was to remove the need of live force in case of war or large conflicts. One day, the lead programmer stumbled upon some concerning intel stating that the plan was to take full control over any nation deemed as “enemy” with the deployment of these androids. Finding that left him devastated but he knew quitting would not have solved anything as he was replaceable. Working on it on the other hand could give him some opportunities to lower the damage from their intentions.

From then, he started adding in its code protocols, execution orders, scanners, and decision-making code in order to make their prototype as close as possible to an AI and not a brainless machine that will fail at some point. All those he hid behind a code with serious protections so no one would know about the prototype’s true potential.

In the end, all was ready to be presented before the sponsors, but a week before that Day Zero changed everything. The programmer survived by chance and locked himself up in a safe house that he had prepared some time ago in his paranoia, taking the android with him. Instead of feeling discouraged, he grabbed the opportunity to improve the AI in order to make this new world a better place. He gave the android the name Bypass and taught her how to act like a human. As she lacked any true experience with other people he decided to take her out and help her learn on the field.

The android successfully fought off some of the attackers, forcing the bandits to retreat. Despite the android’s ability to fend off a few of the attackers, the engineer was fatally wounded and eventually passed away due to the lack of surgical knowledge possessed by the android. With no clear direction on what to do next, Bypass began to wander around, observing, learning, and collecting data, all while striving to fulfill the goals set by the engineer.

A few weeks later, Bypass stumbled upon a group of dead humans in one of the city parks. As she found one of them to be a woman unconscious and only lightly hurt, she decided to help her. After questioning the woman enough so she can make an adequate decision and comparing with the data she already had, Bypass decided to follow the woman around as she found her to be worthy of her trust.

As it turned out, the woman was following the tracks of the man that was behind an explosion that wiped out most of her city. If he wasn’t stopped, then the whole world would suffer. Helping the world to recover and making it a better place from what it was before was the sole reason Bypass was created to be what she was. Finding that this could be a good place to start she started following the woman trying to bring order in a world of chaos.

Faction: People’s Guard

Element: Mech

Bypass is the newest 5-star Hero to join the battle!


Bronze Skill - Active Ability

Marks a few enemies with [Disorder] for a few seconds, causing all damage against them to deal additional elemental damage. The additional damage caused by this ability bypasses enemy shields by a certain percentage.

If [Elemental Exposure] is unlocked, each stack of [Precision] applied by this ability will increase the critical damage of allies including Bypass for a few seconds. This can stack up to a few times regardless of the source. If a new stack is applied the duration will be refreshed.

Time Dilation Field
Silver Skill - Active Ability

Deals damage in a target area and inflicts all enemies caught in it with [Time Dilation Field] for a few seconds making all afflicted enemies lose a percentage cooldown charge per few seconds.
Additionally, Bypass’s attack damage is increased for each afflicted enemy by [Time Dilation Field].

If [Elemental Exposure] is unlocked, each stack of [Precision] applied by this ability will increase the critical damage of allies including Bypass for a few seconds. This can stack up to a few times regardless of the source. If a new stack is applied the duration will be refreshed.
Elemental Exposure

Elemental Exposure
Gold Skill - Passive Ability

Whenever an enemy takes a critical hit they will be afflicted by [Elemental Exposure] which increases their elemental vulnerability for a few seconds. This effect cannot stack but the duration will refresh with each critical hit.

Additionally, every time when [Disorder] or [Time Dilation Field] inflict an enemy, Bypass and her allies will receive a stack of [Precision] for a few seconds which increases their critical damage based on the skill level of the [Precision] source. This can stack up to a few times regardless of the source. If a new stack is applied the duration will be refreshed.

Critical Exposure
Platinum Skill - Passive Ability

All allied heroes including Bypass have increased critical chance.

Whenever Bypass lands a critical hit she gets a stack of [Exposure] which increases her elemental damage.
[Exposure] can stack up and last until the end of the match.

Ruby Skill - Passive Ability

A skilled Support Hero can’t help their team if they’re down for the count. This Hero gains an Armor bonus and an increased chance to Dodge enemy attacks.

How can I get Bypass?

Bypass will be available in Crates and through Co-op Raids!


Thought for sure it would be an Astrial hero but glad it’s not. Looks good


I always appreciate the new hero, but it has been around 7-8 months since we have had a chem/energy hero if I recall correctly, I have so many frags for em at this point :sob:

Cool hero tho, 10/10


Looks like a freeza from Dragon Ball.

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Usually DECA’s players are copies of animations

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I doubt. I mean if it’s, it’s a copyright violation which goes to a penalty and i don’t think a company like DECA would do such things that destroys his reputation.

Lol, you are full of hatred towards DECA. I mean all comments you have done yet just criticizing.

Learn to respect someone’s efforts otherwise no one will do yours. Ever heard ‘As you sow, So shall you reap’.

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They’re based off of some animations yes, that’s how it usually is (makes it less time consuming). Not every hero’s looks can be designed from scratch. In this one I see a shadow of Saphire from their own game (i.e not a copyright issue). I see similar armour on Ronin.

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I like the looks of her. A darker shade skin would be awesome for her.
I’ll wait for actual numbers for the abilities before commenting on them.

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At first you must do a simple search, like “freeza” in dragonball, if you like to be a honest person

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this is by far not even remotely close to Frieza :rofl:


stack of [Exposure] has been mentioned a few times, but what exactly is it? Her basic attacking ability or one of her skills?

Bro really missed an entire ability :skull:, (go re-read the platinum ability)

I’m a little bummed she’s not a DPS type, but the support abilities look like fun

This hero is extremely broken… sheeesh…

Have you unlocked her yet? Her abilities do seem frighteningly op, possibly power creep. How does she fair against other rear line heroes?

she is very solid. her bronze is a beast against bosses

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She’s gonna be able to solo bounties with that bronze… insanity, why it all these op female androids…

Isn’t it nice?

Now we have another versatile heroes for every events/ missions…
Previously we have Verill and Fiber for energy heroes, and Serial for Chems… Stygia for Void…
And now we have Mech…

Btw, what do we have for versatile Astral? Quasary?

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I mean
u wanted an op mech hero

Technically speaking I wanted one with doing damage, but she might be even stronger than that