A Quick Dev Update! Shivs, Hero Bonuses, and more!

The forums have been quite active lately! While we read all of your feedback and comments, we can’t always respond to questions and concerns you might have regarding the future of Hero Hunters. Sometimes, we’re not ready to discuss our plans. We don’t want to get your hopes up over something that might not happen. We value transparency, but we can’t always give it fully and freely.

That being said, I’m able to talk about a few things today. I can’t go into deep specifics all the time, but hopefully, this gives you an idea of where we’re going, based on what we’re able to share with you right now.

If your question or concern isn’t covered here, don’t worry! You’re not being ignored. We’re just not ready to talk about that specific concern yet, or answer your question to the level of detail you’re expecting.

And, as always, keep a grain of salt handy, as everything is subject to change based on a number of factors.

Shivs, 5* Heroes, and Bounties

Our goal with making Shivs a 5* Hero was to provide more value to newer players coming into Hero Hunters while giving established players a higher starting point in maxing her out. It might be hard for some to remember, but getting your first 5* Hero is a big moment, and can have a huge impact on your enjoyment of the game. It’s a taste of things to come, and gives you a good look at what Heroes can aspire to as they grow in strength. That gets more players playing Events and contributing to Alliances, which is always a good thing.

We knew going into this that some players might object to Shivs being 5*, because she takes longer to unlock due to the Daily Frag Limit on Co-Op Raids. This means that you’ll be unlocking her later than usual. To compensate, we always planned to make adjustments to Events, such as Bounties, that Shivs would be featured in. She’s harder to get, so relying entirely on her, even for spending players, isn’t entirely fair.

Look forward to increased bonuses from Shank to offset this, as well as boosts to other People’s Guard Heroes. This is a Faction event, so we want to ensure that you have a good pool of Heroes to choose from. There are some other under-the-hood changes already implemented that we can’t go into in detail, but trust that we’ve anticipated that Shivs is trickier to get than usual. We want spenders to feel like they’re getting a big boost when they choose to spend on a new Hero. We want all players to be able to eventually access a Hero, but to not feel like they can’t do anything in an event if they lack one specific Hero. As we get close to the 80 Hero mark, it’s important to remember that many Heroes have value at any given moment, and it’s not a one man/woman show. We’ve already made changes to reflect that.

We will likely keep producing 5* Heroes in the future. We may re-evaluate the Daily Frag Limit to find a middle ground, but as this is not a 100% Sure Thing, so please manage your expectations accordingly.

Giving Heroes Longer Tails

So, let’s talk about tails, and by that, I mean how long a Hero is considered “useful.” We design all our Heroes to work in a variety of team compositions and situations to provide a lot of fun and variety. We love our Heroes. We want you to use them!

However, we’re aware that for endgame players, there’s a tendency to get a new Hero, use them in that month’s bonused events, then leave them to gather dust, as they’re no longer the 100% optimal choice at the moment. That’s no good!

The plan, going forward, is to extend the bonus period. It’ll work like this:

  • Shivs is our spotlight Hero release for October. She’ll have the highest bonus for any Event she’s featured in, as we want our players to get the most use out of her. Other Heroes will have bonuses, but Shivs is queen for October
  • Come November, where [REDACTED] is the hot new hairstyle on the block, Shivs will still be featured as a bonus Hero. Her bonus won’t be as high as [REDACTED], but it’ll be enough that choosing to use her as a backup during events will still be worthwhile

By doing this, we hope to give more value to players who opt to spend to obtain a featured Hero early, while giving players who choose to grind out those Heroes a chance to get mileage out of them in events.

We still encourage you to explore different team compositions, as a solid team might provide more consistent results than always chasing the highest bonus values, but we acknowledge that it’s great to see those high numbers and big payouts, so this is a (hopefully) happy medium.

Skins, Skin Crates, Nanodust, and You

We don’t have anything to share today regarding the future of Skins, but know that we haven’t forgotten about your desire for more Skins for Heroes that don’t have them, and for different ways to earn Skins and Skin Tokens other than what’s provided. We don’t have much else we can say about them today. We just want you to know that it’s something we’re revisiting as we’re able.

A Note on Forum Policy

There have been some accusations of developer censorship that I want to address before we finish up today.

From time to time, you may disagree with decisions we make. You’re passionate players, and we’re glad that you care enough about Hero Hunters to speak your mind. We welcome it, whether your feedback is positive or negative.

That being said, if you disagree with our direction, do so respectfully. We’ll never remove or modify comments that feature genuine criticism, even if we disagree with the sentiment being conveyed. However, if a negative comment features aggressive language, misinformation, personal information, threats, or anything else that violates our Terms of Use, we’ll act accordingly.

This has more to do with the way a comment is presented than the content of the comment. Feel free to disagree with us, but make sure you’re still following the forum rules and guidelines, viewable from the FAQ. We don’t want to have to mod anybody’s comments, but our concern is for the community as a whole, and if we think that a topic could have been worded in a more constructive way, we may issue a flag or a warning depending on the severity of the comment. So long as you’re following the forum rules, you don’t need to worry about your voice going unheard.

That wraps it up for today! Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us, as always, and for understanding that we’re not always able to respond to every comment or provide the level of access you may be expecting.

We always strive to do better, so keep letting us know what you think in a constructive way.



Interesting :thinking: I like the idea of the heroes being featured twice but what multiplier we talking for the second month when they aren’t the feature? like 5x? as 7x is the max I think

Also agreed on the daily frag cap should be either increased or abolished as it only serves to annoy people, I suspect it was implemented just to stop people farming so gold purchases would be more commonplace but even doubling the frags limit to 16 would make it better as you’d need 3 or 4 runs a day to hit that.

Some feedback regarding skins, skin crates and stuff are great but can we get something to use Nanodust on? Maybe a conversion into skin tokens so they can be at least used to upgrade our skins :slight_smile:

Anything Skin-related you may ask, unfortunately, falls into what I said above: We don’t have much else we can say about them today. We just want you to know that it’s something we’re revisiting as we’re able.


I think the implementation of longevity in a character is a good thing here but…

I think you are overlooking two pieces of the puzzle with shivs.

  1. As we are experiencing now, in pvp tournaments the multiplier is much lower for points without shivs. So those that pay are at an enormous advantage to get top tier prizes in the pvp events, thus making this p2w.

  2. Lower level players that would love to get a 5* hero may not be able to because they can’t get enough fragments before the month is over. If you can only get 4 frags a day it will be 42 days to unlock. As higher tier players are saying it will take us 21 days, how will a lower level player even unlock shivs?

I don’t think anyone is complaining about getting a 5 star. Higher level players will rank up a 3 or 5 star hero just as quick with heronium farming. Plus it’s only robbing Peter to pay Paul with making the process of unlock longer.

We saw exponentially lower crate drop rates with shivs which is also a cause for concern. Granted a few got her from a 2nd or 3rd tier, but as I have been silently watching in the vip chat and in my own alliance chat it seems that less people have gotten shivs than any other crate from more pulls than before (aside from the gilded token crate but we will save that for another discussion).

In summary, I think there is some good with the plans for the future of new heros although this was a failed experiment at best.


Thanx for the info. Personally i would like the frag limits taken away from coop. Yes some grind those missions but those are the ones that are grinding and are on the most. I looked at it as a gift to the ones that grind and better their chances for scoring additional frags. I get why there is a limit. The promotion on crates is undeniable. With that being said please be generous when deciding the new frag limit. :slight_smile:

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My question is where do yall get your percentages from cause when you open the crates the percentage dont add up to me… when you open 5 crates and there is a 4% chance for 1 and 2% for the rest how do you pull 1 toon 2 times in the same crate but cant get the 4% even after you spend $150 thats just bad business to me cause the numbers just dont add up

That’s incredibly lucky! Unfortunately, not in the way you wanted.

It all comes down to probability. It’s entirely possible to roll a die 10 times and never get a 20. Even though you have a 5% chance of rolling a 20 each time, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get it after 20 rolls. Each roll is fresh.

Looking into probability a little deeper might help make sense of what you’re seeing.

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I think this was the least important thing you could have addressed. Imupindis’ comment had way more points that could have been addressed. A lesson in probability is the last thing I would have liked to see you reply with.


Thank you for taking the time to write such a lengthy post, and not address a single concern I and others have voiced.


He did address your concerns, whatever they may be, in his 3rd paragraph.

In particular - probability regarding “simply space”
Quick explaination: a 5% chance doesnt increase after one roll. Ie. If you have a 5% chance on roll one, you have another 5% chance on roll 2. The chance doesnt stack, it restarts.

I can agree with the 5 star and understand although could have done the same thing with 3 star and given new players the option to just spend 20 bucks like I have with hideo great lengthy post but same time didnt really answer anything at all to the concerns between skins and tokens ( trust means there’s a lot more then just that ) and while I admire the fact that you want to keep a rolling ball with the game I mean at some point you have to take everyone’s distress list it out and fix all the issues that are concerns putting a band aid on it doesnt work

With that being said I feel like you want to keep us in tune with the game but at the same time your losing the original players because you chose to turn the cheek and not fix the issues
And from the mobile game industry I can see why you dont really care because the ppl that paid to get bigger faster are bigger now and already spent the money so you main focus is on the newbies


If youre going to redact information, should you not title the post as classified? :rofl:
Seriously though, first post was extremely satisfying.

Aaaaand then you said that stuff about skins. :sob: why even bother?:pleading_face:

Lastly - forum policy.
Its been said before but i happen to agree. Community flagging should be looked at. I believe if i adress the devs with an opinion, it should be recieved wether its positive or negative, just like you said. And When i adress you, i expect to be adressed by you, and therefore can understand why some might misconstrue exactly who it is thats flagging their content, or for what reason.
If i say something blunt and you dont get offended, why should some other do-gooder jump to your defense? Espescially When it amounts to the censorship of someones valid feelings or opinions. Lets all remember that feedback, by definitition, is just a collection of opinions and experiences.


It’s fine to have 5* heroes as the featured hero and of course you want people to spend money to buy gold to get the step up crate. Shiv is not guaranteed until tier 7 of the step up crate. To complete level 7 would require 11,700 gold. To buy that amount of gold would cost $199.98 if you took the mega gold drop over seven days. Almost $200.00 to be guaranteed a 5* hero?!?!?! Surely you can see the ridiculousness of this. How much are you going to charge for a 7* hero? This whole Shivs mess and the responses (or lack of quality responses) give the impression that all the developers care about is bringing in as much money as possible. That if you aren’t spending the big bucks, you don’t matter.


I miss the old days. I miss the full length bounties. I miss the better terms for the bucks exchange. I miss not having a limit on frags for the featured hero. I miss the featured hero crate that would help get the hero before the first bounty. Now we may not be able to get the hero by the 2nd bounty. Alliance wars are fun and I like the gorgon and gilded crates but the additions aren’t making up for the fun that has been reduced by trying to push more people into spending money.


+1 from me, I feel very much the same way on everything you said (except for bounty length).

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Even if u spend the big bucks you still dont matter lol


There’s no way we can out think devs team. They doing it for money, they have a business to run and food to bring home to their family. Changes are good but not all changes are affective. what happened to the good old days

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Agree on every point except extended bounties :slight_smile:

Wow. Interesting
More frag daily ilimit? Sounds NIce