Hero Spotlight: Siren!

Icon_ElementEnergy SIREN

Faction_Morlocks General

A rebel with a cause, :metal: Siren, the Deadly Songtress :metal: fights the KLG on behalf of the Morlocks. With her ability to damage every enemy on the battlefield, this killer DJ can deliver ear-blasting attacks that leave her opponents reaching for ear plugs.

Primary Weapon – Assault Rifle


Siren Song

Bronze Ability
Plays an alluring song, dealing Energy Damage to all enemies. Has a chance each second during channeling to apply an Encore, increasing the length of the Damage over Time effect.

Power Chord

Silver Ability
Blasts an enemy with a wave of sound, dealing Damage. If the targeted enemy is affected by Siren Song, then Siren Song is re-applied.

Drop It

Gold Ability - Passive
When Siren Song expires, Drop It is activated. Next Power Chord cooldown is reduced. Also deals Energy Damage and Silences the enemy affected by Siren Song.


Platinum Ability - Passive
Whenever an enemy affected by Siren Song is damaged by Siren Song or Power Chord, they take additional Energy Damage.

Where Can I Get Siren!?


Siren will be available through Crates, and through Co-Op Raids!

What do you think of Siren??


This looks Dope! And an Energy hero to top it off!


Hmmm looks like someone i Know

Looks like Typhoid Mary from Daredevil.

Siren song affects everybody, and the dot from channeling, so when it expires it damages again and would silence everybody? She better be a glass cannon, because that seems like an absurd amount of damage.


I would have rather her name to be stylized into Syren.

And who is it that u know?

Lol. You start add skins for old characters like new heroes. Idea crisis?


Thats fast…it hasnt even been the second bounty for Briar yet has it?

@Carl_Hintzman either that or the damage is mediocre like Phoenix’s pee stream and the silence is very short like Bucket’s team stun.

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I thought this was fake, and even more content to write about if I get the chance im stoked

Very nice. Looks damage-intense.

Which one of her skills will shut the game down?


So, I was on point, hence the wink :wink: in your reply…!!!

I spoke about this about 2 days ago, I’m really looking forward to an up to date Phalanx Skin, similar to that of Yeager or Kobold

eheheheheh, try guess.

I approve. She looks like a BOSS. Although, I agree that ‘Syren’ would be much cooler

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the design of the concept is cooler than the final version. :B


Anyone know when she will be out?

Probably Tuesday given they follow their routines!

Maven, but she is blue and a musician.