Siren to squishy

Please do something with siren her health goes way to fast cant even trigger her skills. She gets wipped out so fast its unreal. Reminds me of Yeager when he 1st came out.

She is like a Glass Canon. Super high DPS, but needs to be protected.


Some ppl have no idea how character archetypes work…

I have been critical in the past of new hero’s but I think siren is really well done and is perfect the way she is. Maybe try her with phalanx or heimlock for support.

Siren is perfect the way she’s currently constructed. If you give her more HP, she will be OP and can wipe out an entire team by herself.

I use hemilock butter caine and phalanx and she still dies way to fast i have her 9* plat 4 bar as well just to easy to kill imo

At platinum, Siren can wipe out a whole team with her skills, like Savage. Because of this her low health means she needs to be protected. Pro players can focus on Siren to stop her from killing them with her skills.

Yup, she can easily do 50k+ damage per second with just her ability, at 8* with a few bars. With such high dps her health needs to be low and she needs to be a glass cannon or she would be ridiculously OP.

Support her properly and the low hp is easy to over come.

Hey, Can she triggers halo platinum?

Yes it does, and its super OP. But she kinda sucks against mech heroes, a matador would probably win 1v1

Why have i been flagged? I’m confused

Now thats a good question cause i seen nothing wrong with your response

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