Hero Spotlight: Verrill

Icon_ElementEnergy VERRILL

Faction_ColorIcon MERCENARY

Verrill, the “Biker Badass,” powerslides into the Hunt! With an itchy trigger finger that ramps in power the longer he fires, Verrill can dish out steady streams of damage if he’s left unchecked for too long.

Primary Weapon - Chicago Prototype

Skills Header


Bronze Skill - Active Ability


Fires an EMP, dealing Energy Damage and destroying the target’s Shields. The blast area becomes magnetized for the rest of the battle, slowing enemy movement by 70% for 5 seconds when they pass through.

Trigger Happy

Silver Skill - Active Ability


Verrill loads an extended mag and fires continuously until it’s empty. While the extended mag is active, his Fire Rate increases by 66% and each shot deals additional Energy Damage.

Amped Bullets

Gold Skill - Passive Ability


Every bullet Verrill fires deals additional Damage. Effect is reset if Verill doesn’t fire for 3 seconds.

Cleansing Shield

Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


When Trigger Happy is active, Verrill gains a Shield which constantly cleanses negative status effects until it’s destroyed.

Doing Damage

Ruby Skill - Passive Ability


This Hero receives an Elemental Damage bonus as well as a 30% skill charge boost to their Bronze skill.

How can I get Verrill?!

Crate raid

Verrill will be available through Crates and Co-op Raids!

What do you think of Verrill? Let us know in the comments!


Will this take down Serial’s shield?

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he immediately reminded me of this barmaley… :neutral_face:


Looking nice can’t wait for next update

A new mercenary nice. So excited for him. I hope the other members of his family will make an appearance in this game. Guess I better start working on the mercenary faction again. Keep up the great work HotHead games.

I love this. I see lots of variety in his kit. And some fun abilities i can mess around with. Would be cool if he’d counter serial by removing his shield. Can’t wait to have him in the game!!:heart_eyes:

Reminded me of Biker Mice from Mars for some reason

A shield destroyer is always welcome in my book

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Exactly my thoughts. Since Fiber doesn’t do it I think he doesn’t aswell. But he probably takes Serial out before he can pop his shield.

I’m looking forward to play that dude. Look at his rifle. Holy sh… man.


Now this is a real mercenary :+1:

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Nice set of skills. Though, I do hope the reload time is less than 3 seconds, otherwise the gold skill will not be that useful.

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Yooo Looks like a sick hero and might be OP on drop. Look forward to what shakeups he brings

Serial shield isn’t like a shield , shield is somewhat which has a definite strength like of butter, castallan, vanguard or phalanx , kobold , caine anyone else. So i dont think serial gonna be affected as his shield taunts enemies and whenever you taunt you draw all fire into yourself like what serial do .

Nic3 addition,keep it up hothead

Definitely gonna take 3+ seconds. However, there are heroes who increase the reload speed.

That’s a nice looking hero, I dig him. Eager to see what’s in store.

His skill is 100% a shield, fiber can stop him from using his skill with her bronze for example, but can not break the shield. Same way jarek can still kill serial through his shield with his skills

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Boris the animal…

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I hope it can bring down the fiber shield

Did you know, serial doesn’t gain a shield but instead armor?