🛡 Hero Suggestion: Armadyne - The Rogue Protector


“I will live to fight. I will live to protect. I will not make my mistakes ever again!”

Alexandrus Ramona - Heavy Shielder - Support - Energy

1st Photo: Default skin
2nd Photo: Common skin (Covert Ops)
3rd Photo: Rare skin (Champion)

The docks were my home. I was raised there, I built a house there, I was married there, and then I did some raising of my own. I made an honest living in the import-export business: no drugs, no weapons, everything legit. Played a little hockey on the side, too. I wanted a simple life…and I got one. For a while.

You see the picture I’m painting, right? You notice the past tense, right? Yeah – no happy endings here.

My wife and children got caught in the crossfire between the UAF and the KLG. My house was burnt to ashes…they even bombed out the ice rink. I failed to protect my family…but I will NEVER fail to protect anyone, ever again. That promise is the only thing keeping me alive. I’ll cling to those words…and one day, I’ll make them true.

I will be the knight. I will be the protector. I will wreak havoc for one side, or the other…until BOTH of them go down in flames. Only then will we finally know peace…

A rogue protector. Creates a huge line of defensives, sacrificing himself to provide huge bonuses to his allies.


Bronze - Echo Shield
Max Stats:

  • 750K Shield Health
  • 2000 Elemental Armor

Armadyne gains xx shield, xx armor and Taunt for 15 seconds. If Armadyne’s Echo Shield is depleted before the time expires, 2 random allies gain xx shield and xx elemental armor. The cycle repeats until the shields are expired but the timer drops by 3 seconds for every echoed shield.

Silver - Healing Dome
Max Stats:

  • 250K Shield Health

Restores all cover that is in allies current position to 45% and increase cover durability by 5% for 15 seconds. Allies in the targeted covers heals a small amount of health over the duration of Healing Dome and gains xx shield health for every time an ally drops their health by 10% for 13 seconds. The duration increases by 2 seconds and the shield health increases by a small amount for every 10% health an ally loses.

Gold - Consolidate
Max Stats:

  • 1500 Armor

Anytime Armadyne or an ally gains a shield, the armor increases by xx.

Platinum - Battle Stances
Max Stats:

  • 5K Damage

If an enemy drops to 25%, Armadyne gains 10% faster charge rate and xx damage. Also, his shields gain xx more health. If Armadyne or any ally hero is under 45% health, Armadyne gains 10% faster charge rate and increases by 2% for every 5% health the ally lost.

Shark Attack
Weapon Type: Single-Shot Burst Rifle
Rate of Fire: 3.4 rounds/second
Ammo Capacity: 15
Reload Time: 2.3 seconds
Damage: 15K/shot

I’d like to give a shoutout to @Vintermyst for his support in the making of Armadyne and for the layout of the concept. Thank you to Vint for your help. Also, always a big thanks to the Pinterest community for the great artwork of character concepts like this!

Additional Content:

The three founders of the Renegades

Top-right character is Armadyne, the other two coming soon…


Like the proposed bronze skill, since it has a Butter-like feel but then it is not Butter-like at all. I like the uniqueness of the bronze by not direct shielding but by sacrificing to provide tremendous buffs. Silver seems like a minature Castellan’s sliver but for everyone. I also like the fact that the addtional content you add. It makes a sort of excitement of what’s to come next (or is it just me?)

I really like his design! Nicely done!

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That’s cool and all, but is he black?

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Yes. It is covered by armor, but yes.

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