New Hero Idea: Dante the Iron Vanguard(Updated)

Faction: Patriots
Type: Mech
Weapon: Shotgun
Desc. An ironclad defender. Excels at attrition, boosting himself and allies as his shields are depleted.
Bronze: Chivalry: Shields all allies for x damage. If any allies are below 50% hp when this is activated, those allies and Dante also regenerates health per second, and Dante also taunts the opponent team until the end of the shield’s duration
Silver:Deafening Blast - After a short delay, throws a shock grenade that stuns all enemies in a large radius. Afterwards, their damage is reduced for x seconds
Gold: Riot Shield: Each time an ally’s shield is damaged, this hero gains bonus damage, up to x
Platinum: Overwatch: For each ally with remaing health percentage lower than Dante, he gains a charge of Overwatch. Each charge gives him x bonus armor and redirects x% of damage dealt to that ally to Dante. A charge is removed if Dante or an ally receives a critical hit.
Feedback is welcome

2 things.
1.) Patriots got a lot of energy heroes already. Would be nice if it was biochem, or mech, and
2.) With all the defending going on, this sounds a little too similar to Phalanx, especially with that silver skill; it’s practically identical to Phalanx’s too.
This idea could be great for a different faction, some are in better need of a good support hero like this one. Not a bad idea, just could be better if a couple aspects were changed, that’s all

I was thinking of making him a mech, but thanks for the feedback

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