Hero Suggestion: Armadyne

So this post is inspired by Jarek by various reasons:

  1. Jarek seems underpowered, so I tried creating a hero with somewhat similar traits (health, 1-2 skills,…)
  2. Tanks were not added that recently (except January)
    Comments mean a lot, plx do.

Faction: Nomads

Name: Armadyne (Bold Defender)

Description: An armored rogue. A tough hero to chew through with shielding abilities to deal damage and to draw and mitigate enemy fire.

Backstory: Armadyne was a former member of UAF, but for mental issues, he wrecked the old UAF base to crumbles. After the chaos, Armadyne was banished from UAF. Armadyne spent days wandering, then he met Spyro, and the joined the Nomads. Now, he is a former member of the Nomads, seeking revenge on UAF.

Health: 473K

Weapon: SMG Gauntlet

Damage: 5K per shot

Ammo: 40 per clip


  • Behind Me (Bronze): Deploys a shield on his arm, gaining a shield with 200% of his current health and gaining [Taunt]. If the shield health is depleted, all enemies reduce their speed by 50% and all allies deal an extra 50%.This hero can’t use his gun while the shield is active. This hero can switch out, meaning if the shield’s health is at any state, this hero can stop the effect, reverting back to his gun. The charge meter represents the shields health and if the shield is inactive, heal the shield by 2% every 3 seconds.
  • Rocket Rush (Silver): Punches a target, dealing 40K damage. If the enemy’s health is below 75%, [Rocket Rush] deals 50% of the target’s current health.
  • Power Gauntlet (Gold): This hero has a 10% chance to repel enemy skills back at the caster and boosting [Rocket Rush] by 4K. This effect can stack up to 8 times. If [Rocket Rush] is at his 8th charge, add an extra 3-second stun.
  • Full Titanium (Platinum): Whenever a skill is activated, this hero gains [Immunity*] for 5 seconds.
    • [Immunity] means this hero reduces his damage by 50% but this hero is invulnerable to damage and negative effects.
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