Hero Suggestion: Aaron

Faction: Nomads (New Faction of my own)

Name: Aaron (Unrivaled Marksman)

Description: An outlaw nomad. Can escape and survive a match to make a strong comeback. Aaron goes undetected and singles out weak enemies, wiping the enemy team fast and easy

Weapon: Sniper rifle

Ammo: 15 per clip

Skills: (Full Platinum and all level 75)

  • Nomad (Bronze): This hero [Taunts] and shields himself, absorbing 147,000 damage. If the shield is depleted, this hero gains a charge of [Nomad]. If this shield expires before depleted, heal this hero 5,900 health per second for 14 seconds. This shield lasts for 20 seconds
    • If this hero gains a charge of [Nomad], gain 25% Damage shield health, armor and reload speed. Can be stacked 3 times.
  • Lawbreaker (Silver): This hero gains 20,000 Elemental Damage for 6 seconds.
  • Escapist (Gold): The first time this hero’s health drops to 10%, this hero activates Invisibility and gains 10,000 damage for each enemy killed. The effect stops until 35% health is recovered.
  • Rivalry (Platinum): Whenever this hero deals Critical Damage, gain a charge of [Rivalry].
    • Each charge of [Rivalry] gains 3,500 Damage and 6,000 Elemental Damage. This can stack up to 10 charges.
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10 charges of rivalry coupled with lawbreaker would do 80k elemental damage coupled with a possible escapist (let’s say he killed only 1 char) = 45k rawdmg
And if I understand well nomad, 25% of the shield to damage is 36k
45k+36k=81k rawdmg
80k Edmg +81k Rdmg in optimum This hero would decimate an entire team with just one clip.
Sorry for my English I’m french

Ayyyy Ryoma skin, Arena of Valor, ayyyyyy

I forgot to mention that this hero is only obtainable in special events and he is also a 7 stars
So it would be harder to obtain him
He would be the most OP hero and the best counter to Panzer in PVP
BTW if I am going to do hero ideas, they are going to be one good two better than Panzer in PVP

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Yea it’s the best fit and his blade somehow resembles a sword