New hero concept: Crackerjack

An unstable pyromaniac who cares nothing about money but loves to watch things burns. He is capable of isolating part of the battlefield and burning down an enemy on low health.

Element: mechanical or bio chem
Weapon: flamethrower ( damage is dealt in .25 sec)
Ammo capacity: 2 seconds duration before 3-4 reload speed

Bronze skill: ( Ablaze) Crackerjack adds a little extra octane in the tank causing a cover to burn for 10 seconds causing initial damage plus X damage enemy remains in the area. The location is so volatile that every second a fireball spews out causing a random cover to be set ablaze for 3 seconds.

Silver skill: ( Smoke’em if you ya got’em) Crackerjack makes a special blend that allows his primary weapon last longer. Instantly reloads tank and allows the flamethrower to burn for additional (4-6 seconds depending on what base damage is set at) also the flame is so hot it silences enemies. They are only silenced when being actively struck.

Gold skill: (Painkillers) Crackerjack enjoys eating pain meds while fighting. Every 15% of maximum health lost grants a 30% damage reduction for 5 seconds. The skill would trigger at 85, 70, 55, 40, 25, and 10% health.

Platinum skill: (Suicide Pact) Crackerjack makes a pact with his allies to sacrifice themselves when taking fatal damage. Sensing their end (aka health reduced to 0) allies allow Crackerjack to set them on fire before they charge at last enemy to damage them this staggers and deals moderate damage.


Platinum skill is a bit disturbing but I like the Hero Concept nonetheless.

If that is to disturbing then call the skill Last Ditch Effort or something. I was just trying to be creative and stick to the theme. The idea was to make squishy hero’s or hero’s that are picked on in PvP to be able to deal some damage before dying. A lot of the games end quickly and hoping to even the playing field with some spike damage.

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