Hero Suggestion: Ember

Faction: Nomads (New Faction of my own)

Name: Ember (Psychotic Pyromaniac)

Description: A fiery assault. Deals massive damage to himself to wreak havoc to all enemies.

Weapon: Napalm Cannon

Ammo: 13 per clip (with recoil)

Appearance: Blaze from MCVS

Skills: (Full Platinum and lvl 75)

  • Fire Bomb (Bronze): This hero tosses a sticky grenade at the targeted enemy [Stunning] for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, [Fire Bomb] detonates, dealing 50,000 Damage to all enemies in a wide range. Also, any enemies that are in the blast range receives 12,000 Damage per second for 10 seconds.
  • Flame Body (Silver): This hero deals 20,000 Damage per second to himself and 3,000 Damage to allies per second for 5 seconds. When the effect ends, boost this hero’s Damage by the amount of damage the enemy dealt to allies including [Flame Body] and doubling it.
  • Fiery Rage (Gold): Whenever this hero successfully hits a target, the enemy gains a charge of [Fiery Rage]
    • A charge of [Fiery Rage] deals 20,000 Damage per second for 3 seconds. Add 10,000 more for each charge. This can be stacked for 5 times.
  • Ignition (Platinum): Start the mission with fire on the enemy grounds on random locations for 10 seconds, dealing 5,000 per second. Also, whenever this hero does damage to cover or an enemy, ignite the ground on fire

That gold is way OP! But fun.
Also, I can’t see anything about him dealing self-damage?

I forgot, lemme fix that

That is why I have said in the past, almost all of my heroes are

  1. OP
  2. Enough to destroy Panzer in 1 hit
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That… sounds like a terrible idea lol. Is your goal to improve the game or make it worse? You don’t fix imbalance with further imbalance.

Eh it’s just hero suggestions mate
U get to customize your character as much as u want
The devs won’t really choose him anyway