Hero Suggestion: Enzo - The Primal Fear

“I know you faced multiple magnitudes of fear. But your facing me now. Everything is going up the ante. I hope you don’t underestimate me like you did to your previous opponents.”

Enzo - Cormac Beckett - Renegade Leader - Overwhelm Supporter - Disengager - Energy

The first thing I learned was the pull the pin before you throw. Most people don’t past that part. The next thing I learned was “don’t die”… and that’s worked so far. I stand before you an old war dog… one who joined up with the KLG when he was young and stupid, and who’s buried more friends than he can count.

The KLG… turned out to be the BAD kind of day job. Don’t get me wrong: There’s nothing like sitting back and let your people do the work – but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was working for the bad guy. And coming from someone that thinks “good guys vs. bad guys” is B.S…. well, that should tell how bad the KLG is. The best soldier isn’t supposed to care what side he’s fighting for – but I’m too damn old for that nonsense.

Still, it was a while before i could retire… and once I did, I wasn’t out of the game for long before i was asked to be a Renegade. They said they got a bunch of youngsters that could use some leadership. Said there wasn’t a better person in the world for this job. Said they wanted to make sure their new recruits left their next mission alive. Not having to bury a new greenhorn every week? Sign me up.

Description: An aggressive supporter. Multiple abilities to disengage enemies while making a facade for his allies and making a huge comeback.

Active Skills:

Bronze - Rope Dart - Launches a rope dart at a target, dealing x damage and having a 25% chance to Stun the target for 5 seconds. When the target is hit, all of Enzo’s bullets near the target is now homing and deals x more damage. This effect lasts for 6 seconds.

Silver - Intense Training - All allies are now Stunned for 5 seconds and all allies reduce incoming damage by 75%. Enemy fire has a 50% chance to end the process early. For every second the allies are Stunned, the gain x damage, x armor, 35% chance to Disorient the enemy with their damage and heal x health over time. These effects last for 10 seconds.

Gold - Primal Fear - For every 10% health lost, Enzo lets out a loud roar, Stunning enemies surrounding him for 2 seconds. Also, he has a 15% to Disorient the 3 strongest enemies for 8 seconds and deal x damage to them.

Platinum - Together We Stand - For every 10% health him or his allies lose, the enemy has a 25% to either be Disoriented for 6 seconds, Stunned for 2 seconds, x damage dealt to the strongest enemy or Silenced for 8 seconds.

Weapon: Firestorm Assault Rifle
Ammo: 27
Rounds: 5.25/per second
Reload Speed: 3 seconds

Thanks for @HecklerP for his support on this hero concept. Also, @Vintermyst, if your reading this, sorry for using your style of presenting the visuals of the hero. Please don’t sue me.
Thanks for spending time to view my concept. See you soon.

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With this one,Kurtz would look like a weak good guy.

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Zorg would be proud.


Such a badass weapon. I always wanted a replica of that.