New Hero Concept - Ragnagal: Wild Force

Energetic Hero
Faction: People’s Guard

This man is able to resist powerful attacks without an armour. (according to him, armuors are for babies)

Hp 5/5
Armour 1/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 3/5

He’s a Tank / support that empowers himself and allies while drawing attention

Bronze: Bloodlust - he throws his ax towards the target and causes bleeding damage

Silver: War Cry - screams stunning the enemies, the allies receive a damage bonus

Gold: Fury - reached 50% of life, Ragnagal receives a charge of Fury.

    1. *Receives a charge each time he suffers a critical hit up to 5 times.
    1. *Each charge gives him X of life and 5% more damage.
    1. *He loses all charges by returning above 50% of life

Platinum: Defiance - At the beginning of the round, he provokes the enemy by drawing fire on himself.

  • The effect lasts until the whole team is alive

Ragnagal’s weapon is a Lancaster 4 Barrel Shotgun and a huge ax.

Appearance: Ragnagal is big and muscular, bald with a long brown beard, blue eyes with a scar on the right, he fights bare chest, he has leather pants and black boots. (like the barbarians)

If he is implemented in the game, he will be a 7-star hero.

The usual thanks to Albertolm33, HH and the community.

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