Hero Suggestion: Ghost

Faction: Nomads

Name: Ghost

Description: A brutal chain reactor. With correct skills, she can wipe a team in seconds.

Element: Mech

Weapon: Semi Rifle

Health: 287K

Damage: 18K per shot

Ammo: 8 per clip


  • Track Knife (Bronze): Aims at a targeted enemy, tossing a knife at them, dealing 80K. If the target has any negative effects, deal an extra 20K. The target is now [Marked] and can reveal invisible enemies around the target and the enemy in the area is also [Marked] if they linger there.
  • Target Locked (Silver): Improve this hero’s weapon damage to her initial headshot damage. Her headshot damage will increase by 20% and raise Crit Chance. If she succeeds to kill while [Target Locked] is active, refresh [Track Knife].
  • Kill Streak(Gold): If she succeeds to kill, refresh [Target Locked]. Also, for each kill, gain a charge of [Kill Streak]
    • One charge of [Kill Streak] deals an extra 4K damage but reduces her initial armor by 5%. This can stack up to 10 times.
  • Adaptive Ammo (Platinum): Her damage output will change depending on her enemy. If:
    • Bio-Chem: Deal 20K extra damage
    • Energy: Boost 15% Crit Chance
    • Mech: Reduces enemy’s armor by 10%
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