Hero Suggestion: Jaini

The mother of Ifrit, a true DPS hero with great survival instincts. Attacks from the mid-line with a bio warfare shotgun.

BRONZE: Actuate.
Removes every status effects on the enemy team. Deals XXXX elemental damage to each target that loses a status effect.

SILVER: Motherly Instincts.
Jaini activates a shield absorbing up to XX.XXX damage. The shield lasts for 10 seconds or until depleted. Should the shield deplete within 10 seconds every ally recovers XXXX health for 10 seconds.

GOLD: Bio weapon.
Increase critical damage by XXXX.
This hero’s shotgun is infused with various fungi inflicting diverse status effects. Whenever a target is critically damaged by this hero’s weapon they receive one of the following status effects:

Bio enemy: Imbalance - the target loses balance becoming sensitive to stagger. Gains a 30% chance to stagger from enemy fire. The effect lasts up to 20 seconds or until Actuate is activated.

Mech enemy: Corrosion - the target gradually loses armour and damage. Lasts up to 20 seconds or until Actuate is activated.

Energy enemy: - Burnout - the target is healblocked and has reduced speed. Lasts up to 20 seconds of until Actuate is activated.

PLATINUM: Ain’'t got no time for that!
Whenever an enemy is affected by a status effect, gain 5% faster cooldown of Actuate.

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I like the way you are thinking