Hero Suggestion: Spyro/Agent 47/Frostbyte

Faction: Nomads

Name: Spyro

Description: A master sharpshooter. A former member of the Nomads and the mentor of Aaron (check previous suggestion). Deals massive damage but slow reload and can’t sustain himself if he is outnumbered.

Element: Mech

Weapon: Longbow Sniper Rifle

Health: 250K

Damage: 100K

Ammo: 1 per clip

Rounds: 0.1 per second


  • Sharpshooter (Bronze): Draws out a pistol with 6 bullets and pulls an enemy out to duel 1 on 1. If the enemy dies while dueling, pull out another enemy to a duel, reloading the pistol and deal an extra 30%. Initial damage of each shot of a bullet is 75K.
  • Sharper Ends (Silver): Adds an extra 3 bullets and boost his damage by 20K, can surpass cover, reduces enemy armor by 170 and reduce [Sharpshooter] charge by 25% each shot. This effect lasts until all ammo has been used.
  • Deadman’s Bullets (Gold): If this hero succeeds to score a headshot, the enemy gains 1 charge of [Deadman’s Bullets].
    • 1 charge of [Deadman’s Bullets] reduces enemy’s damage by 5% for the rest of this match. This effect can stack up to 10 times. This effect lasts for the rest of the match.
  • Deadly Crossfires (Platinum): If the enemy has higher max health, [Sharper Ends] gains an extra 2 bullets.

Faction: Legions (A faction that does not parry with any side, though they will kill on sight anyone who looks suspicious. They are what we call mafia.)

Name: Agent 47

Description: A merciless huntress. She wants revenge on Spyro because Spyro spied on Legions’ plans to be the destroy both UAF and KLG, to be the supreme leader organization on the planet.

Element: Bio-Chem

Weapon: Type 95 Gas Pressure Sniper Rifle

Health: 301K

Damage: 75 per shot

Ammo: 5 per clip

Rounds: 0.75 per second


  • Merciless (Bronze): Marks all targets, reducing damage by 90% and [Silencing] for 5 seconds. If an enemy is under 60%, extend the effect to 12 seconds.
  • Target 47 (Silver): {Can only be active until this hero kills one enemy} This hero next 5 shots will automatically deal an extra 25K damage and reduces shooting speed by 30%
  • Assassinate (Gold): If this hero succeeds to kill an enemy, refresh all allies skills
  • Moment of the Kill (Platinum): Succeeding a kill will make this hero [Invisible] for 5 seconds.

Faction: Legions

Name: Frostbyte

Description: The creator of Glacier (See previous suggestions). A former member of the Patriots, but left to serve for another purpose. She left Glacier behind and joined Legions, to demolish both the UAF and KLG to pave the path for Legions to be the supreme leader of the world

Element: Energy

Weapon: Frost Blast Rifle

Health: 345K

Damage: 30K per shot

Ammo: 6 per clip

Rounds: 2 per second


  • Ice Wall (Bronze): Repairs a targeted ally’s cover to 100% and boosting cover durability by 300%. If enemies destroy the iced cover, reduce their armor by 300. This effect lasts for 20 seconds.
  • Blizzard (Silver): Tosses a device, creating a huge blizzard that covers the enemy side. All enemies are reduced in speed by 80% and they have a 20% chance to be [Frozen*]
    • [Frozen] enemies are stuck in place, unable to move or do anything. They can only move when allies destroy the block of ice. The ice block has total health of 100K. If an ally destroys the block, the enemy must receive 150K Elemental Damage.
  • Hypothermia (Gold): All enemy movement is reduced by 50% and enemy charge meters are reduced by 35%.
  • Hailstorm (Platinum): Hail rains from the sky, randomly dropping on enemies, dealing 50K Elemental Damage. Also, enemies have a 35% chance to be [Freezed]