Hero Suggestion: Syren - The Melee Specialist

“Dude, you ain’t tough enough to fight me! Bring on the best of yours, I’ll knock them in seconds.”

Faction: The Watch/Nomads

Name: Syren


A playful youth, Syren grew up in the loving arms of her mother, Artemis. Artemis tried teaching her archery, but then Syren went for blade and bullet. She and her mother trained every day for the majority of her youth up to her sixteenth birthday. While in her training, she sparred with other members of the Watch. She learned how to tinker with mechanics from Halo, mixing concoctions from Francoise and blade-wielding with Matador. In the end, she came out powerful and tough.

At the war, she joined The Watch to defend the people and rally against KLG. She was very persuasive, somehow got the Shoremen to fight for them as allies. She was Artemis’s proud child and The Watch’s valued member. Once, she fought the Nomads, a faction that is filled with bounty hunters. She destroyed them and was in a deadly melee duel with Aaron, the Nomads’ leader when both ran out of ammo. She got the upper hand and almost killed him if it wasn’t for Artemis stopping her. Artemis told Syren then Aaron was her father. She was stunned but then forgave her father for him leaving the family. She joined the Nomads but still helping out her mother’s faction when she is in need.

Description: A taunting damage-dealer. Has a mix of healing and damage abilities while toying with the enemy, leaving their guard down.

Ammo - 6 per clip

Skill Sets:

Bronze - Sword Dance - Launches towards an enemy, dealing xx damage and dealing xx damage over time. If the enemy has a negative effect, Syren deals xx more damage and xx more damage over time.

Silver - Serrated Sword - Slashes the lowest health enemy, dealing xx damage and deal xx for each enemy skill fully charged.

Gold - Combatant - Syren’s first shot deals xx damage and build up xx damage by each shot. If an enemy is at 35% health, her shots deal 15% less damage but build up 50% more damage. This effect depletes by every reload.

Platinum - Underestimated - If Syren receives lethal damage, restore 25% of her health and her next 3 reloads deal xx more damage and boosts xx Armor and xx Elemental Armor for 10 seconds. If Sylar is present, Sylar will deal xx more damage to Syren’s attacker.


She is too hot!! Can’t wait for her lol…

I desperately need a transfusion.

Another picture I’ve found which describes her clearly while reducing her beauty by a small fraction:

Nice hero…Can’t wait for her

Hot dang that’s some good art