Hero Suggestion: Aaron - The Unrivaled Marksman - Reworked

Yes, Aaron was done before, but I have worked him again to tone him down, added a backstory and a clear appearance. Please feel free to comment on anything you want to change to him. Another note, I’ll be reworking all of my heroes due to some people saying that it was not up to the standards or it is just to op.

“Where would this journey take me?”


A wanderer from young, Aaron learned to fight in the harsh Outlands and survived day by day for every day in his life. When he was 25, he was devastated and dehydrated, and so he fell unconscious. After Aaron woke up, he was greeted with Artemis’s eyes. She just joined and was starting as a medic, helping out damaged soldiers. Arty found him lying near the base and dragged him back to the base and took care of him.

Aaron did not have anyone to go, so he joined The Watch. He was inexperienced in strategy, but excelled in precise aiming and escaping from a bad situation. He trained a lot of the soldiers in The Watch. Especially he trained Artemis to perfection. He trained her how to shoot with a bow with absolute precision, avoid crossfires and take down multiple of enemies at once.

As time flies by, the relation between the archer and the hunter grew and grew. One thing leads to another and 9 months 10 days later, Syren was born. But, Aaron was not there to see it. He left the faction to a heated debate between them. He continued wandering with a hole in his heart but forgot about it soon after he met up with Magnus (a past concept in remaking) and they created the Nomads, a faction for wanderers around the world.

Description: An outlaw nomad. Can escape and survive a match to make a strong comeback. Aaron goes undetected and singles out weak enemies, wiping the enemy team fast and easy

Ammo: 15 per clip


Nomad - Bronze - Aaron [Taunts] and shields himself, absorbing xx damage. If the shield is depleted, he gains a charge of Nomads. If this shield expires before depleted, heal xx health per second for 14 seconds to Aaron. This shield lasts for 10 seconds. If Aaron gains a charge of Nomad, gain 25% Damage shield health, armor and reload speed. Can be stacked 3 times and depletes when an enemy is killed.

Lawbreaker - Silver - Aaron boosts his next 7 shots by xx Elemental Damage and deals 50% more damage to higher max health enemies compared to Aaron. If Aaron dies while this skill is active, Aaron lives until Lawbreaker expires.

Escapist - Gold - The first time this hero’s health drops to 10%, this hero activates Invisibility and gains xx damage for each enemy killed. The effect stops until 35% of health is recovered.

Rivalry - Platinum - Whenever this hero deals Critical Damage, gain a charge of Rivalry. Each charge of Rivalry gains xx Damage and xx Elemental Damage. This can stack up to 10 charges.