Hero Suggestion: Sylar - The Dominant - Reworked

“I am the ruler of the skies. My enemies can’t catch me, but I can catch them. Look out, I’m coming.”

Sylar - Ruler of the Skies - Debuffer - Counter-attacker - Team Supporter
The Watch

A strong, valiant boy from youth, Sylar was the child of Yeager and Halo. He worked more with Halo and Yeager, practicing the skills of crafting various mechanics and piloting. He trained for years and years to come and he soon was flying with Yeager.

As the years fly by, Sylar had to join in a mission. Syren was assigned to fight against the Nomads while Sylar was assigned to flank the Legions, a notorious faction whose motivation is the dominance of the world. His team was slowly being overwhelmed, then, Sylar and Yeager took the battle to the sky. They mowed down a ton of Legion grunts and capturing the leader of the group, Agent 47.

After their victory, The Watch nominated him to a position next to his father, the position of Flight Soldier, a rank where the only talented people can fly. He was thrilled and performed his next tasks flawlessly. While in The Watch, he caught the attention of Syren, the daughter of Artemis and Aaron, a Nomad leader. She was amazed by his skills, his dominance of the skies and his charm. The two young soldiers of The Watch now can never be separated and always have their backs in missions. Syren on the ground, Sylar on air, a duo that can never be defeated.

Description: A valiant soldier. Rules the sky, dealing damage while retreating to air, drawing most firepower out of the play.

Default Attribute: When Sylar ducks, he gains xx armor.


Skydive (Bronze): Sylar rushes to the targeted enemy, dealing xx Damage. Also. he flies up and dives down at the targeted enemy after 5 seconds, dealing xx Damage and causes the enemy to be [Stunned] and [Disoriented].

Flight (Silver): Sylar flies in the air, gaining xx Elemental Damage and xx armor, and whenever this hero uses [Skydive] while [Flight] is active, the target gains a charge of [Flight]. This effect lasts for 10 seconds. A charge of [Flight] causes the enemy to be [Lifted] for 12 seconds and receives 30% more damage. Also, Sylar [Taunts] and gains xx shield. If the shield is depleted, refresh [Skydive]

Debris (Gold): Whenever this hero loses 5% of his health, this hero damages the lowest health enemy, dealing xx Damage and causing them to burn for xx Damage per second. This effect persists for 5 seconds.

Air Support (Platinum): [Skydive] deals an extra xx Damage. If an enemy is killed by [Skydive], heal xx health to this hero and gain an extra xx Damage for 5 seconds and [Skydive] gets a 50% faster cooldown. Also, all allies gain xx health, 25% faster movement speed and xx more damage. If Syren is present, Sylar and Syren’s skill charges reduce by 10% and both gain xx armor.

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